Speaking New Realities into Existence

Today's Sabian Symbols for the Moon, the Sun and Uranus- planet of revolution, change, and lightning strikes to the nerve synapses of our entire chakra system all point to the ideas of REINVENTION and METAMORPHOSIS.

The cosmos seem to be giving us a ginormous nudge to shift our mental patterning so we can alter our behavior and upgrade our belief systems. This is how we reinvent ourselves and allow our external lives to reflect what we are stepping up and into and how we are choosing to change.

Who we are becoming is how we currently choose to behave. It takes courage to keep striving in the face of disappointment and loss, but the choice bubbles to the surface of our brains and inner beings so that we can decide which way we want to flow. And it definitely feels like the only way is forward. 

Crystal quartz is basically THE most perfectly organized unit of organic matter to allow for energy to flow uninterrupted.
In and Out.
The way oxygen must enter to exit.
Inspiration and expiration.
This is the natural state of reciprocity, and the symbol of the ouroboros (dragon or serpent eating its own tail- aka infinity and a figure 8.)
This is ALSO the symbol of Aquarius in the Tarot: the Star Card which depicts a woman holding two vessels of water---one she takes water from the river with, and the other she pours water back into the river.
Give and take. 

The Herkimer Diamond is not only the most pristinely clear and powerful form of clear quartz on the planet, it was also born with the unique ability to form a temple point on the top and one on the bottom. This is also called "double termination," and is the exact formation of a give and a take. 

We started working with the Herkimers about 8 years ago (no accident there) and they will forever be one of our most beloved co-creators. 

We resonate so powerfully with these crystals because they are life-force in tangible form, and they help us speak a new world into existence. 

We were able to hand pick a small collection of the larger Herkimer Life-Force Crystals which are now online again. Of course they are LIMITED EDITION, as they are becoming more challenging to source, so grab one if you have been feeling the call. 

We also have a handful of special Herkimers stacked with timely energies on this New Moon/Lunar New Year/Star Vibrations. 

Please reply if you have any questions and we are sending you all so much magnetic love. 
Hand Picked Large Herkimers ethically sourced from one of the only female-owned crystal mines in the country. 
Large Herkimer Diamond Necklace Re-Stock
A few newbies we are madly in love with. Very Limited in Quantity.
One-of-a-Kind Herkimer Designs
Large Herkimer Diamond Life-Force Necklace Design. Made to be worn at the throat to amplify intentional spoken thoughts or at the heart to expand the electromagnetic vibrations of love expressed. 
Crystal Conduits

So many of you have held deep relationships with your Herkimer diamond necklaces over the years, and we are so honored to hear your transformative shares and powerful synchronicities that occur when your stone and you are in communication. So many of you also share tales of knowing when your time with that particular stone talisman has ended, as that is, and always will be, the cycle of life. 

In breath, out breath.
Give and take.
Infinite signs and symbols in an 8 year.

Shine on bright ones and Happy New Moon. May the dark moon remind us all that anything can be planted for possibility here. 

Made with peach aka padparadscha sapphire (rarest of all sapphires and also the color of the year, eeeeeek!)

Orange Lotus Herkimer »

Made with an Aquamarine stack aligned with the Aquarian-themed shifts.

Aquarian Herkimer»

Bright like diamond stars in the pitch black sky,
Collage magic always and forever by the Aquarius Rising Sign Sister of Powerful Magic: Mia Kannapell