Smoky Amethyst POUND Pendulum: LIMITED EDITION

At the Tucson Gem Show this past February, Mom, Mia and I had the pleasure of hand-picking some of the most stunning specimens we have ever seen. They weren't fancy per se, but the magic in them was mind boggling.

We literally squealed every time we found some sort of apparition-esque symbol like a mirage floating out of the ether when certain light hit inside the crystal at the perfect angle. It was like in every moment a new treasure living inside the stone was revealed.

A piece of sparkle-like-glitter here; a cloud-like storm of floating smoky inclusion there.

We started calling them "The Fairies" because they are lil' tricksters full of play and other-worldly enchantment.

These "Fairies" we found were actually made of Amethyst and Smoky Quartz and they were born in two different incredible homes: the Himalayas and Brazil.

Needless to say, we were beyond THRILLED that we could get a small batch of these incredible stones cut into our special POUND Pendulum. Like squeal-worthy thrilled style.


A marriage between the Crown Chakra Stone of Spiritual Energies: AMETHYST and one of the most Grounding, Clearing, Cleansing, Protective Minerals on the planet: SMOKY QUARTZ.

It is like taking the highest form of LIGHT and pairing it with the strongest, deepest, most powerful gifts we gather from the Fertile DARK.

Smoky Amethyst Quartz is the perfect Crystal to work with in order to assimilate and process the intuitive 'hits' and downloads of information you are receiving. Smoky Quartz helps our bodies stay grounded and connected while sourcing high-vibrational frequencies that Amethyst can open us up to.

These mineral forces in combination bring us discernment, attunement, and BALANCE. When in balanced alignment, we can enhance our compassion, open our minds and our hearts more fantastically, and broaden our multi-layered perspectives.

The ideas of "Right" and "Wrong" dissipate and we see the 3D from a more Expansive Eagle Eye View. (Which I am personally finding very necessary during this particular time.)

These two Potent Crystal Energies together in one dynamic vessel could not have arrived more perfect timing.

Currently, I am hearing story after story of incredible insight coming to fruition on a deep personal level for humans around the world; while simultaneously, Hurricanes of intensity are whirling and causing some major rumblings and chaos.

I look to the Crystals during this time. Quite literally, I look at Crystals when shit is hitting the fan. It calms me. It brings me back to Center. It reminds me of beauty and magic and miracles and Hope.

These beauties hold out-of-this-world inclusions, phantoms, striations, codes, and symbols and messages that are ready to be interpreted by YOU. And they are very, very, very fun to look at. :)

Smoky Amethyst Quartz Magic


Available on 22k gold plated POUND fist and Sterling Silver POUND fist


We love you.
And we are sending you glittery sparks of synchronicity, gentle loving waves of crystal cool air-breezes, and so much tender warmth to your strong resilient all-knowing Hearts.
the POUND girls