Samhain and Our New Evil Eye Necklace Magic πŸŒ€

Samhain is literally translated as "summer's end" and signifies a welcoming in of the darkest part of the year. Its origins are from ancient Celtic traditions and coincides with Day of the Dead. DΓ­a de los Meurtos is deeply rooted in pre-Hispanic Aztec rituals tied to the goddess Mictecacihuatl, or the Lady of the Dead, who allowed spirits to travel back to earth to commune with family members. Bright orange and yellow flowers are used to awaken the spirits with their festive colors and fragrant scents.

The traditions of this time symbolize the thinning of the veil, where the perceived barrier between the physical world and the world of spirit dwindles. It is here that we are able to commune much more fluidly with that which we can not "SEE." It is here that synchronicity and magic live.

In honor of the EYE that rests INSIDE of us beyond our two anatomical-eye-sensibilities; in attunement with the Third Eye and it's sacred connection to the magic of the Pineal Gland which operates based off of CRYSTALLINE CONDUCTORS to expand our perception of space and time:::::: We have created THREE New Pieces with the ancient Mesopotamian symbol we find so thrillingly Divine and Sacred as the hallmark of the design:::: The Evil Eye.

Our Evil Eye Opal Choker combines the flashes of insight inside the fire of an opal with the profound strength woven into the Eye.

Our K-2 Evil Eye Pendulum is made with a Stone from the world's second highest mountain that vibrates to the EXACT SAME frequency of the Third Eye Chakra; enhancing our Intuition and Inner Knowing.

Our Enamel Evil Eye Necklace for more simplicity in their adornments while containing the same powerful frequencies of Vision, Protection and Sacred Honoring of deeply embedded ancient tradition.

May they enhance your already deeply profound inner knowing. May they serve you if they are calling you.

So Many Blessings and So Much Love to You All,
Beyond Grateful to be Visioning Alongside You.
With Love, the Three POUND girls xxx