Plucked from the Sea 🌊

Sometimes before I can write about the moon I have to actually live that moon. This full moon I wanted to allow it to do its thing and move through me vs. prescribe to myself what energies it was supposed to hold and where I should be placing my attention, lest it become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now that the moon is at the very last degree of Virgo moving past it's beautiful moment and responsibility to mirror Pisces, I can see that that is exactly what this full moon gifted me: an opportunity to turn towards actual lived experience and pluck the pearls of wisdom rising from within those experiences. This is a period of pulling from the past to reconstruct the future and it is definitely not written, nor can it be read and ingested necessarily from someone else's lived experience in this particular moment. 

But it is, as always, all connected. Like a strand of letters forming sentences and ancestral links that form the chain we are each a part of, everything is connected. I roamed back through old journals to remember where I have wandered, and in every journal I noticed that I sketch triangles all over the place amidst the musings. 

I love that the old idea I had about triangles with humans was that it was a source of rivalry and not a great idea to have a formation of three. Like ever. Because one would always be left out. But in astrology, a triangle is aka a "trine." And trines allow for the free flow of energy from one planet to the next in a pyramid of support. Triangles amass the information from mind, body and spirit into a conglomerate of solidarity and strength with loads of room for the waters to flow in the middle. It is a formulation much like the sea needs the moon which needs the sun to burn brightness onto glassy surfaces that then cast glitter back up to the stars. 

Like water picked up and placed inside the palm of a dream and crystallized into something dense and felt and wearable, but made of light. 
Thirteen gems Aquamarine triangle shaped tablets strung amidst gray diamond stars and 14k gold bead suns. A crown of crystallized gem water treasures formed in the veins of the Earth. Dream seeds cast by Neptune. 
Neck Crown: Thirteen Stones of the Sea

These particular Aquamarine stones are rich in their sea-blue-heavenly-aqua hue, and though kind of difficult to translate from a photograph, they are cut into a tablet formation with THREE sides. Mini pyramid temples. Each of them. We designed this special piece with thirteen of the aqua tablets in honor of Freya. In honor of Venus. 

Sea Tablet and Pearl Choker
We also created choker-style necklaces out of the aqua tablets and paired them with loving cream pearls of wisdom, formed from living beings deep within the shells of the sea. Stones and beings associated with the signs of Cancer and Pisces as connected to the Moon and the orb of influence this great mother has on the waters of all souls. 
Loves Notes Written by Nature

We also found ONE insanely enchanting large Aquamarine Wand that we paired with a rather radical Lightning Ridge Opal. Both the wand and the opal orb hold secrets similar to what gets revealed when we source deeper bigger love from the sounds of self. Both hold the energy of letting the current move through the veins and crevices to smooth out the rubble that is trying to get in the way of your trusting the knowing from your own lived experience. 

Aqua Tablet Wand

All the Light we CAN See

follow those glimmers from your wisdom, well beneath the sea

P.S. I have to shout out Mia's collage at the top of this love letter because to me it is like a literal dream made of tones and truths imagined from the past and made for the future.