Pisces Full Blue Super Moon

Last September on the Full Blue Super Moon in Pisces I wrote about the waters that we are made of leaking out of us in moments that subsist of not sadness or even joy, just a whole lot of feelings.

I wrote about space and time and the High Priestess. I spoke about the essence of trusting in the process as best we can while also taking another grounded and actionable step towards our dreams. Dreams: the stuff Pisces is made of.

Pisces is Source.

This year, on this moon, I find myself back in that same space as a different person. Called to be near water so I can float in faith that I will be caught by something that adapts to my shape.

I woke up yesterday morning and heard this message: This is All FOR you. The previous two weeks I was waking up with dread of having done it all wrong. The obstacles in front of me that require tremendous re-arranging felt unsurmountable. But when I received the spirit memo clarifying that the challenges are for me and not against me (something I have heard said many times, but never felt as deeply as I did yesterday), I could breathe more fully and slowly. The dread dissipated. 

This time actually feels quite reminiscent of the crevices where the seeds for POUND were planted back around 15 years ago. Gaps in the ground that contained soil dark and rich enough to encase and protect the seedling so it could grow wings on its stalk. Tears and struggle were aplenty, but the dream couldn't be drowned. 

Two days ago my sister and I took a mini road trip to the nearest spot with a water hole via the river that was somewhat "swimmable." The sands were white and glistening with glitter. The water was green but hey, we are from Florida and have dunked ourselves in way more suspicious swampy soups. The intention was to breathe new wind into the dreams we have been holding, but with new and widened open eyes. 

I feel at the pinnacle of something that I can not see clearly yet. Maybe you do too. I do believe that if we are dreaming and moving our life into being, then life is being and dreaming through us, too. And so in the midst of not knowing and attempting the pathway of not attaching, we can pray. And we can play while we pray. 

Mia and I went to the green waters and shimmering white sands to be present with the magic that is under our feet. What a present; a gift from the divine to take a moment to be with what we do have and keep holding, dreaming and building for what is yet to come.
This feels like one of the most perfect touch-stones that revealed itself to be designed this week; as if answering a wish for a tangible representation of the immense energies swimming through the constellations. The stones are grounding because we can hold them and sense weight in the hand, pulling us down and in. This piece as a whole encapsulates the essence of this Moon so artfully. Azurite with Chrysocolla.

Azurite vibrates at the frequency of the Third Eye--where we dream new worlds into being. Connected to the ancient civilization of Atlantis and known as the "Stone of Heaven.
It is cleansing and purifying and clears the mental space to make new waves. Dedicated to the whales and their spirit songs that sing- "keep doing the dream deeds." 

Chrysocolla are divine earthen energies speaking to and through us, offering a road to communication through the power born from listening.

This Emerald on the very top has this epic delineation of tones. Two colors of the stone cut straight down the middle like a half-moon: divine masculine and feminine energies embodied into one. Yin and Yang. Where two sides meets in the center. Like how a pendulum comes back to the middle for balance. How I believe and dream we all do. 

Sort of swimming but more like dancing in the green chyrsocolla-esque waters out here in the middle......of the Missouri River.
Down to the River to Pray.
Sending ripples of loving waters from the bodies of us to the bodies of you.
Keep dreaming.