Peeking out from Behind the Veil đŸ«§

Leonine energy can not hide behind the veil or shrink smaller than the electromagnetic field of your Heart

Leo wants to shine like the Sun that rules it, and Love even bigger. 
Leo reminds us that right now is precisely the perfect time to enact the most incredible role we will play in this life which is the role of the real us. Unmasked. 

Last night I had a dream I was drowning but could not actually drown. Some force beyond me prevented me from staying under and it felt like a glistening bubble that kept me floating back up to the surface for a gasp of air. 

This morning when I opened instagram (which I promised myself I would not do but then did it anyway) the first video that popped up was of a huge ocean wave crashing into a military base living space in the Marshall Islands, breaking the glass of the windows and doors and flowing in like thunder riding on the wild winds. The people in the base camp did not seem nearly as scared as I was as I sat in bed having survived a dream and watching it from my screen. 

I had never heard of the Marshall Islands before, but my dear friend was literally there last week and returned from this smattering of volcanic islands in the central Pacific between Hawaii and the Philippines just yesterday. 

I think my real job is just to follow the threads.

After the insta dopamine hit, I felt the more true-to-me-hit to look up the Sabian Symbol for where the source of light stems from for this full moon in Leo.
The stem is from the SUN right now at 5 degrees Aquarius and this is the Symbol:

-archetypes of personality
-is someone wearing a mask?
-masks that veil
-reveals where things may not be as they seem

The Full Moon highlights the places we are ready to unmask.

I went even further down my internal initiated rabbit hole this morn, which led me to look up the word for how I heard I was born:
"En caul." 

An en caul birth is when a baby is born inside the amniotic sac that has not ruptured, giving them the appearance of being in a bubble. Sometimes, a baby is born with part of the open sac covering their face (a caul birth or veiled birth). 

There is a superstition or tale that a baby born en caul can not drown.

Interesting isn't it that sometimes fears that swim around so freely inside our minds are the same exact ones the heart knows can't come true. 

Feeling into the Full Moon and what I wanted to share as stone support became the medicine in and of itself. Simple really:

Feel it. You will hear something that feels like a loving yes. Follow that.
Everything shifts when you remember who you are. 

The Leo Astrology Pendulum is composed of Golden Sheen Obsidian and Strawberry Quartz shaped symbolically like a raw beating heart.
Obsidian is a strange rock because it forms as lava cools and is like an alchemical mixture of glass and minerals.

Obsidian feels super light, like a feather in the hand, less dense than other stones and gems. This is because it is rich in elements such as oxygen, light enough for us to barely notice it yet most powerful when we do.
It has a "sheen" to it because it holds tiny bubbles (protection from drowning so it seems) that form as the lava cools, creating a luminescence which only reveals itself in the light of the Sun streaming.
This is how a full moon is born.

This rare cluster of mineral magic is an oddball for sure and it only calls to a small select few so far in my experience.

We love it because at its healing center, it cuts straight to the HEART of the problem, clearing the mental clutter that gets in the way of us seeing clearly what the root issue is.

It's like that quote that goes something like "the conscious person knows the world is a mirror and reflects inward while the unconscious person attacks the mirror....."

We also adore and chose it to represent Leo because it is a Solar Plexus Chakra Conduit of Clarity. Leo is here to create magic through expression of deep passion and joy. Golden Sheen Obsidian is an anchor for that. 

Speaking of mirrors, we all have some big glaring ones. They are our master teachers.
Mom and Mia are two of mine.
They are also anchors in the sea swell.
Who are yours?

ALSO! Important!
We are currently on our way to the
Tucson Gem Show to unearth the treasures that feel most medicinal for the current we are inside of.

All orders from the last two days and for the next week will ship upon our return around 2/5/24.
Thank you as always for your patience with our lil' cutie tutie trio.
We promise to bring back some pocketed desert sunshine and bubbles in the shape of minerals that were created to help us remember: 
we get to create and enact the role of us in our lives. 

With waves of love that serve to help us rise up and shine,