It has become quite clear to me that the the Cosmos and Mother Earth speak to one another. We humans land right in the middle of these two fields of endlessness. Feet on the soil, head in the clouds. Cells rooting into dirt to feel our connection and our place inside our body, while our dreams float like twinkling lights wishing to touch the mystery of it all. 

In April of 2023 we had a solar eclipse in Aries.
I had a mini ego death. If I could speak for my sister and mom, I would say they did too. 
POUND has also been in a cycle of death. No longer what she once was, and not quite yet the iteration of her next knowing. She has a mission and we do our best to listen. 

That April, which feels like centuries ago, I had a dream that was more of anightmare where black threads like from a spider's web were coming out of me from every which way, ready to be severed. 
These filaments were stories from the past. Ancient pain. Ancestral wounds. Bound layers of me that wanted to be set free. I could feel all of the women in my line and all of the burdens they held that felt passed down to me and it became crystal clear which of the threads were mine, and which of them were not.
A space opened up near the sea spotted with black rocks everywhere. I had to hop my way around the landscape and touch every single rock with my feet. Then I hammered a piece of the black rock and molded it into an arrow-knife.
I cut away the threads to let the wind speak through me. 
And those black rocks were Obsidian.
The most interesting part of it all to me was that I had never worked with Obsidian. I knew almost nothing about this bizarre stone that is not really a stone.
But there was no doubt in my mind when I woke up that Obsidian was a force. And it certainly made its presence palpable. 

I did not tell my mom about the dream, but maybe a few weeks later she came to me and asked if I wanted to order some Obsidian she had come across. I was like "ummmmmm..............yes."

My journey with Obsidian has continued in ways that would take me a book to describe. She is showing her face everywhere I look. So many of y'all are feeling and finding her in the field too.  Mirrors everywhere. 

When I feel into everything happening in the world right now, Obsidian keeps arising as a tool to be used if we are willing to really see. And I mean REALLY SEE. Gotta look to see.
It is a reflector. As without so within. No accident that obsidian has been formulated into shamanic mirrors for thousands of years in many cultures around the world.  

Obsidian is a Warrior for Truth. It helps unlock the places we have chosen to stay dependent on others vs. fighting for the depth of truth breathing in our beliefs. 

Obsidian is Plutonian, a God or Goddess that dives into the depths to look at and befriend the shadow parts we all carry. 

Obsidian is that oh so feared strict and stern professor. The kind you hate at first until you realize that that particular teacher saw the profound potential in you. The harshness was to make sure that you would rise up and expose your maximum to yourself. 

Obsidian wields itself like a sharp blade. Once the cord that is ready to be cut is severed, definitely don't expect to be able to retrieve it said thread. 

Stone stories are meant to be shared.
And maybe my Aries-eclipse-Obsidian nightmare was not a terror. Maybe it was a dream appearing like a wild mare in the night to remind me to sit more fully certain-of-me in that saddle. 
Looks like Black Obsidian but it isRainbow Obsidian with a silver sheen essence flowing through its surface when held to the light. A tool for light workers to face their own shadow and also to use as a protective shield so as not to take on other people's density. 
Rainbow Obsidian Pendulum
Mid-eclipse season a couple of weeks ago in the woods wearing a black dress and white leggings as signs to the universe and reminders to myself that I promise to look at it all. All the parts of me and all the parts of the world on fire. And then take the next best step.
My heart. 
Golden Sheen Obsidian
You will feel it if these are calling to you. They are not the whispering kind. 
POUND Event Announcement  :) 
If you are local to St. Louis or nearby and interested in further exploring the history, lore, science and metaphysical powers that live inside your Pendulum join us for our
Pendulonium Event at Chakra Wellness Center

The Pendulum is a Mirror. 

Saturday, October 28, 6-8pm.

Pendulums will be available to practice with. Music will be played. Movement will be alive. Community is everything. 
All of the details for the event are in the link
All our love,