New Year, New Magic 💎

Happy New Year beautiful people! As we have crossed into a new beginning and stepped over this threshold, the Three of us have continued to find ourselves drawn to the shape of the Triangle.
The Pyramid.
The Tent.
Body, Mind, Spirit. 
Past, Present, Future.
This shape also serves as a powerful symbolic talisman for the three of us, as our unit is not complete without the other two members of our family team.
Every new year and passing day offers us strengthened and vivified clarity on our singular and collective journey to following the intuitive call when creating with the Crystals.
We create with what we are drawn to.
The layered meanings woven into that calling are revealed later on, always in perfect divine timing. 

The symbol of the triad or trinity has existed over immeasurable time and throughout the world. It can be understood as a key to the integrity and interdependence of all existence. One of my favorite readings of all the many representations around the world  in regards to this symbol is this one:
"Oak, ash, and thorn were called the faery triad of trees. Where they grow together, it is still said that faeries live."
--From the Book of Threes

Another thing that hit me while writing this, is that this is 2022.
The year of the sacred number SIX (adding the two's together.)
Two triangles intertwined = the hexagon, or six-pointed star. The upward triangle suggests spirit, consciousness, and concealed wisdom, which are mirrored in the downward-pointing triangle representing matter, receptive space, manifestation, or wisdom revealed.

Whenever there is a Hexagon present, there is energy radiating inward and  outward from six different directions. This creates a powerful vortex in the very center of the star, allowing the crystal, and You, to pull energy IN and hold it at your core to re-fuel, or to emanate it outwards when your life-force is renewed and you are able to serve the community at large with your gifts.

The Two New Timeless Necklaces designed for everyday wear that we worked on at the juncture of 2021 and 2022 are either made of two shapes; crystals cut into tiny Triangle Pyramids, or those cut into Hexagons. 

The Stone you are Called to is Always Simultaneously Calling You. 


Each and every single one of these new necklaces has been designed with stones that carry light-waves to your eyes through the color you see, and to your heart from the healing it holds. Notice what jumps out at you most and then listen to the sound of how it feels in your body when you focus on that particular piece. Imagine into what 2022 represents to you, or what you would like for it to represent for you.
Magic is always available to us if we are open to it. We all have access to this effervescence t
hrough various portals, one of which is through the doorway to the Multiverse of the Minerals. EN-JOY!

Blessings and Love from the center of our pyramidal-star-heart to yours,
Linda, Becca and Mia
the POUND girls