New! The Emergence Collection + Spring Cleaning Sale 🌗

In Honor of the Spring Equinox + Eclipse Season

The Emergence Collection + Spring Cleaning Sale

emergence (n.): the process of coming into view or becoming visible after being concealed.

Today's Lunar Eclipse in Libra sheds equal parts shadow and light on the habits and patterns we continue to enact (past their expiration date) that have been pushing us back down underneath the soil instead of letting us feel safe enough to peel back and expose our budding petal wings.

What was once concealed inside of us is becoming exposed outside of us, and everything is a reflection when we take the time to breathe it in. 

This eclipse is a South Node, Full Moon eclipse, shuffling in the winds of change to the spot where our feet touch the ground.

Letting go of false safety to unfurl our ripe bright fairy ribbons feels like a must. 

Do not forget how far you have come through it all. 

South Node eclipses occur at the tail of the Dragon. 
And we are in a Dragon Year. 
We are also just so happen to be in an 8 year. 
8 = Infinity, and Infinity + the Dragon = the Ouroboros---the symbolic representation of the eternal life-death-rebirth cycle depicted by the serpent eating its own tail. 

Energies of ingesting, digesting, releasing. 
Release for renewal.
Vacuuming the debris you can not see, but you can feel clogging your soul's song.

And also, do not forget how far you have come.

These 26 different EMERGENT pieces were designed for this precise moment: the moment you make a decision to reveal maybe even 5% more of your freshly budding self. 

These talismans are jewels worn for their beauty to remind us of our inherent beauty.
nd also they are so much more than that.

Each piece is an intricate offering: crystalline invitations to step upon the steepest stair towards self-honoring and sovereignty. 

Our northern hemisphere winter night-journeys have turned into daytime nature walks and the dark corners we have been working through have bloomed us into brighter light-emitting-diodes. We get to keep the memories of the mud we walked through that brought us the fragrant lotus we hold in our hands now. 

Our intention and prayer with
these new pieces is that they guide you in finding ways to trust yourself into your next great level of being with gentle grace.

Let your mind be a clear tablet as you peruse. 
Let heart and stone communicate.
When you receive your Equinox and Eclipse Blessed piece, please take a moment to feel it on your skin.
Take it in with the fullness of your expanded vision.
Place it on your heart and let them sync up.
Ask it to reveal it's sweet loving message to you.
Pause until you really hear it. Breathe it in. Ingest. Digest. And then surrender to the journey the two of you are meant to have through this eclipse portal.

Try not to forget how far you have come.

Spring Cleaning Sale: 15% off many items + new markdowns

We shed and dissolve and release so we can regenerate, heal, and authenticate our truest desires and becoming.  

Enjoy this sweet lil' spring cleaning sale as an opportunity to grab one of the medicinal pieces you may have been "eye-ing" at a discounted price and bring her home to your heart for Spring, Summer and the radical Eclipse Season we are entering. 

Prices are as marked.

Infinitely yours, 
Linda, Becca and Mia