New POUND, New Moon, and the "Days of Awe"🌟

Shana Tova! Happy Labor Day! And A New Moon in Virgo! 

New Moons, the Rosh Hashanah high holiday and Labor Day all point in the direction of Reflection. A review of the past Year and a time for setting sacred intentions for the days to come.
I love that Rosh Hashanah is also called "The Days of Awe," a ten day period of introspection, falling under the umbrella of Virgo Season which is all about noticing the tiny gifts all around us, paying incredible attention to the details of our self-care, and being of service in ways that shine our brightest gifts upon the World. 

Synchronistically, we JUST completed the creation of one of my favorite new designs: "The Moon Dangles," which are cut like diamond kites floating in the space around our Voice near the throat. POUND Pieces that honor the cycles of the Moon which we get to do every single month. A talisman for reminding us to carve the space for traveling inward in reflection, which then fuels us to put forth what we are calling in as our next big or little Dream.

The New Moon Dangle is composed of Rutilated Quartz, which moves stagnant energy, and Hematite, which is THE most grounding mineral on the Planet.

The Full Moon Dangle is composed of Rutilated Quartz and Moonstone, which is energetically attuned to the Divine Feminine Rising and our inward journeys that lead us back to a fuller sense of our truest Essence.

Could not be more obsessed with their teensy perfection. ;)

New Moon Dangle

Golden threads woven like a web against Iron filled Hematite. Designed to hold sacred intentions on/or around a New Moon.

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Full Moon Dangle

Golden threads against the backdrop of the Moon. Shimmers like silver liquid. Designed to reflect on all the beauty we have gathered and dreams we have brought to life.

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Our famous neck model is showing off her Full Moon Dangle with Sterling Silver (top Piece) and the New Moon Dangle with 14k gold fill (bottom Piece.) 

With Awe and Love,
the POUND girls.