New Pieces for the New Moon in Virgo 🌙

Inanna is my go-to Goddess. Ever since I read about her many years ago, I decided that if I were to have a daughter, I would name her Inanna. I am in love with the way her name sounds and feels. And I am in enthralled, moved and activated by the symbolism of her story.

My favorite language is spoken in symbols. 

This morning I looked up the Sabian Symbol for where the Moon in Virgo is right now. 

The message about the Moon at 28 degrees Virgo is:
"The learning is best used by translating the truths into practical application in one's life. Going back to the essential truths of the matter; the inner wisdom of the ages, can bring insight and knowledge that opens up whole new understandings."

The part of the Inanna Myth I resonate with most is in relation to her Symbols of Power. 
She releases a symbol represented as anklets, a robe, armor, a divining rod, a necklace, a she descends into the underworld.
One emblematic token released at each of the Seven Gates.

There are Seven Chakras.
Seven major planets in our solar system.
In Buddhism, there are said to be Seven "Veils of Illusion."

After Inanna strips herself to confront her core in the shadows of the depths of the unconscious, she ascends from the underworld into the upper world again, reclaiming each of her Seven Symbols of Power at each of the seven gates. 
One by one by one. 

When I look at Tourmaline, I see the chakras speaking.
This gemstone reveals itself in every color of the rainbow, and then some.
I see a tale as old as time and minerals coming into communion to form crystalline codes.
I hear keys jingling at the doors of each of the gates.
I sense a release and a reclamation, practically happening both at the same exact time. 

Tourmaline is formed when water and vapor carry nutrients into rock pockets and carries its own electric charge; meaning it has a positive and a negative pole, forming balance in the center. 

A symbol for the merging of the divine feminine and masculine within us all. 

Symbolic of the descent AND the ascent. 
Both And.

When I wear Tourmaline, I feel as if I am adorning the Altar of my Body in a Symbol of Power.

I remember that I too, am cyclic.
Inanna and the many faces of the Goddess live in all of us, daughter or none.

This is a story I want to be a part of and one that we as a family felt called to share as scrolls storied in the stones, to be worn as empowerment emblems. A talisman to mark this moment in time. 

Mama POUND is a living breathing piece of art, and she made each of these Symbols from hand to heart. 

Cinematic creation choreographed on the Pisces Full Moon and completed yesterday on the Virgo New Moon. (which was an accident because it was completed late which I take responsibility for, but also not an accident obvi ;) 
Each and every single piece carries its own unique symbol in the story of the whole. 

like wearing a fairy dragonfly on the heart. a symbol of cycling home to the waters that birth us, hold us as we let go, and re-birth us again.

unique and one of a kind, this piece is maybe the most odd and interesting shaped stone of them all. I happen to be obsessed with her. the courage to cycle: release and reclaim

Clues, Arrows, Keys---they are everywhere.
Helping us activate and navigate.
Cycling with you,
and this Magical Medicine Moon