New Mythic Time Pendulums 🌀

We felt a deep call from within to honor and choreograph with some of the most transformative and healing pendulum crystals we have in our hands at this time.

The Pendulum serves as such a remarkable symbol for us, and for so many of you. To be honest, when we first began creating necklaces with these beautifully shaped stones, we were not fully aware of their history as being the locators of energy centers, portals, and ley lines. We did not hold in our conscious awareness, yet, that they served as tangible visible representations of our subconscious powers and incredible intuition. 

Now we know. 

When I traveled to Ireland a few months ago with Qoya, I was reminded at every sacred site and stone circle that the pendulum could be used to locate the highest vibrational centers deep within Mother Earth. The Celtic Shaman who led us on our mini pilgrimages reviewed: "if you have a pendulum, now is a good time to use it."

How very fitting that a stone can uncover the reason a circle of stones came to be grouped together, like maps that help us bond our inner world with the outer world and locate the realms we can't always see our touch.  

The pendulum has an undeniable ability to see and hear through the crevices and openings, down deep into the layers of magnetic frequencies that are so alive. The pendulum serves to show us what we already feel, but sometimes are unable to fully believe. 

And we just listed a handful of super unique ones under Mythic Time Pendulums. A collection of pieces that remind us we are able to tap in at any moment and connect the stones to the crystalline matrix of our bones.

Lately more than maybe ever, putting on my pendulum necklace as a ritual act has been serving as a softening salve and heart healing helix. Honored to share them with you. 

Shaman Dream Stone with iron infusions that feel like flames rising up towards a cosmic green opal carrying messages from the Galactic Center to the Earth and back again. This talisman is a burning away of illusion and a re-connecting to the passionate felt-sense of purpose that drives us presently, which may be rather different than that which ignited us last month. A rising to meet ourselves in the power of our own presence. 

Phoenix Rising

Pink Opal from Peru with the most incredibly unique inclusions and a glow in the light as if lit from within. Pink-filled-heart-fuled power. Feels like wearing a Guardian Angel that is ancient, wise and insanely compassionate as a tablet written to remind. A necessary return again and again to the center of the self when the outside world is loud and overbearing. We are lit from within.

Opalescent Tablet

Carnelian pendulum with lines, swirls and twirls divinely orchestrated. Bright hot red orange flame of fuel for creative spark and ignition. A stone of all that is fertile and ready to activate the spots that are stagnant. A clearing of the waters we walk that have begun to feel like we are wading through sludge. A cleansing. A purification. Pure potent alchemy. An Imitation into the Ignition that serves us so that we may best serve. 

Creative Ignition