The theme is Nourishment. Gentle gentle. Soften soften. The New Moon in Cancer vibrations and the general sense I am feeling in my own personal life and the worlds of those surrounding me = Gentle. Soft. Nourishment.

Slowing down to feed ourselves on all levels.

Creating quiet still moments for the pure pleasure of it throughout the day whenever we can. Especially if you find yourself in the middle of a personal or collective storm.

Listening to what the body is attempting to signal to us. Then listen further. Linger in this listening.

Walls fall and doors unlock inside of us with this kind of Space.

If we can force nothing for a small time we can allow for great unfurling.

Surrender sensations feel like important Keys right now.

And we have two new Pendulums that fall right in line with all of these sentiments. They are for sure like little keys ready to help us unlock portals to deeper healing.

Up first like a token of Woven Sweetness-------this Crystal is one of the purest forms of cleansing in a stone there is....Pink Scolecite is her name.

This little slice of Magic crystallizes in slender prismatic crystal filaments and these striations can be seen in the dense white tone of its structure.

These particular pieces each hold their own fascinating patterning and appears as if they hold codes that can be translated in the light. They glow.

Pink Scolecite helps us tap into ancient wisdom and Akashic Records (like a filing cabinet of the universe). It is known to be a powerful crystal to assist in communication with the world of spirit and other dimensions.

A stone to help us soften. Self-Soothe. Nourish. Nurture. Expand self-love and self-care and tend a hurting heart.

An INCREDIBLE stone to meditate with when needing serenity during tumultuous times. Working with this stone feels like a clearing of the mind, body and soul::: A loving recalibration.


We also had the honor of working with some of the most lovely ever Trolleite aka Lazulite. Now a LIMITED EDITION stone under Mythic Time Pendulums.

A Stone composed of Lazurite, Quartz and Scorzalite, this incredible miracle is known as the "Stone of Heaven."

It holds the energy of Tranquility. A stone to calm our senses so that we may gently release release release. After surrender comes insight. This stone is also an assist in fine-tuning our Third-Eye Inner Knowing and powerful Psychic hits. Used as a Dream Stone.

Trolleite can help us smile in the middle of any storm, because we know the peace will come. Sometimes the most impeccable wisdom is brought forth in those often painful periods of "not knowing."

This sky-blue-stunner is found as a mineral with on Mother Earth, but is supposedly even more abundant in meteorites, in particular, those originating from the Moon and Mars!! OMG.

In essence, both of these New POUND Pieces hold energies of softening so that we may deepen our ability to radically care for ourselves. This leads to more evolved and united relationships, clarified personal truths, and fortified identification with the gifts and dreams we wish to shower on the world around us.

As always, choose the Piece that calls to you!

Thank you so much sweet family.
All our Love!
Linda, Becca, and Mia
aka. the POUND girls