New Moon in Leo Magic

Yesterday the New Moon in Leo rained light upon us. I am currently studying astrology with Virginia Rosenberg and one of the most heart-hitting lessons I have gained recently is how important it is for us look into our own lives in order to understand the planetary cycles on a deeper level. The energies and events taking place for us personally hold the necessary downloads that help us interpret what is happening up above. Because as above, so below. (And as above, so below the below---where the crystals live and chit-chat.

This New Moon in Leo (think fire, heart, courage, strength, creative expression, center-stage, shining from the soul of the heart) has riding on its tail a powerful triple conjunction in Taurus. Uranus, Mars and the current North Node of the moon all in the astrological sign that rules resources, the body, pleasure, love, and beauty.

This energy activation with these particular three planets  has not happened in the sign of Taurus since B.C. and it feels to me like a gateway into the massive changes our paths are veering towards in order to push us into inevitable re-births.

Re-awakenings that have been gathering life-force, pressure and strength for quite some time. Maybe it has been building for years and years, or maybe just the last few months.

Time is sort of irrelevant but the energy is undeniable. Whatever is calling for change is changing now. 

I am learning to trust the rollercoaster ride that keeps me evolving vs. desperately resisting it. I am slowly learning to embrace the art of moving towards what is meant for me instead of forcing what is obviously not. Damn it ain't easy.

As we approach Lion's Gate 8/8, this energy is only becoming stronger. And so are we. This is a beautiful time to listen to what you need more support for, ask for the tools you may need to reveal themselves, and work with the ones that step forward. 

The crystals and stones are super amazing allies in this way. They get LOUD when the cosmos do. Stones you may have never noticed before will start speaking to you. They carry the wisdom to listen to the stars, and can transport those messages to us through their physical tangible nature.

Follow what your body is drawn to. Notice how sometimes all of a sudden we are no longer called to pink shiny things, for example, but instead drawn to dark mysterious stones with no apparent pizazz. Notice these momentary or lasting changes in preference and how it feels to just follow the instinct like a lioness. 

The things you are called to are also calling to you. What lights you up helps light up the world. Here are a few of the pieces that are speaking to me right now, listed below. Just thought I would share :)
Happy New Moon Musings star-gems. 
This piece is made from pre-fab Carnelian. "Pre-fab" means they are not faceted or polished. They are raw. The magic of these stones is that they were literally excavated from a fire and kept exactly as they were found. They are like literal mini Phoenix Risings. More about these pieces of fire splendor online, link below. 
"Eye of the Fire Rising" Piece
We have had the "Goddess Piece" for quite some time. And then, even longer than that; because Mom had collected these talismans of one of her favorite archetypes long long ago. She loves all that is ancient Egypt, and with the collective energy and astrology of this season, it feels like her time to shine and share her most treasured creations. Isis: Goddess of Healing. Magic. Death. Re-birth. With wings and the Sun or Moon in her hands, paired with Turquoise for Truth. 
Goddess Isis Pendant
Give me all of the reminders of my Pineal Gland Power. The ancient inner knowing and connection to the healing we are doing forwards and backwards in time with our ancestors and our physical bodies. The knowing I am protected from what is not meant to come towards me and pulled where I am meant to move. The Trifecta I wear listed below. 

*Evil Eye Opal Choker

*Enamel Evil Eye Necklace

*K-2 Evil Eye Pendulum
May this energy of Fire from Leo that is asking us to shine like the diamonds we are find your soul burning fuel towards expression. 
May Mother Earth and all the planets in the Taurean flower fields call you to the whispering reminders and messages that are always there for you in nature.
And may wherever you are in time and space; emotionally, physically, mentally on on a soul level be honored for the beauty it is. If it was not meant to be happening, it wouldn't be. If it is happening, it is for us.
Our brightest love,
 Linda, Becca and Mia