New Enchanting Treasures Online 💫

As the Light lessens and the Darkness darkens in the Northern Hemisphere, it just might so happen that we begin to feel more. This can be both a blessing AND a profound challenge at once.

Personally, my anxiety heightens big time as the night comes towards me faster, and yet, that bewildering angst also points me forward if and when I stop to give the sensitive sensations a real listen. If I sit with it instead of push or run, I gain access to information I would have most likely missed. And that guidance serves me on my quest for bringing more magic and beauty to the world around me. Thank heavens.

This Season brings forth a thinning of the Veil between the Seen and theUnseen Worlds. The liminal space between Matter and Spirit. Placing more of my attention on RITUAL (which can literally be anything,including making your bed), spending more time in NATURE, and of course, MEDITATING (or just getting still for five minutes, preferably surrounded by Crystals and Treasures), are a few of the practices that assist me A TON immediately after the Autumnal Equinox each year. 

Under the umbrella of gentle ritual, intentional communion with nature, and intuitive listening---Mom, Mia and I all put our attention on which Stones and Crystals were calling out to be offered to you as powerful emblems and messengers at this time.
We hand-selected the ones that called and then co-created them in-tune with how they wished to be assembled and paired into Wearable Talismanic Earth-Art. 

Each and every Piece from this collection holds archived libraries of knowledge and wisdom; emits what appear to be literal phantoms and indwelling spirits floating in and out of view when peering inside the stones at different angles, while sending powerful messages that also feel like gentle whisperings so that we can receive them.  Always always vibrating with loving frequencies and energies that support us in the ways we need most right this very now. 

Evil-Eye Opal Choker

Flashes of color and insight flare up when the light hits her and she sways to and fro. The Abalone Eye on top of this piece serves as an Evil Eye Talisman and holds the meaning of Strength and Surrender all at once.

Labradorite Fan and Eye of Abalone »

Phantom Quartz/Shaman Dream Stone/Lodolite full of cloudy gray magic at the bottom forming into a Mountain shape inside a crystalline vessel. Paired with forest green Tourmaline and the most incredible teal-blue Boulder Opal.

Her Name is Phantom Mountain >>

Solar Quartz bringing on some serious Illumination. In the Shape of a meditating yogi if you ask us ;) 

In the Darkness that always leads to the Light,
Cloaked in a mystery that becomes radically bright,
All our Love,
the POUND girls.