New Alchemy for the New Moon in Gem(ini)

Twelve years ago, POUND Jewelry came into our consciousness as a seedling. A spark. An idea. An initiation. 

POUND has her own voice, her own knowing, her own rhythm. She makes it known to us. And we do our best to listen. 

Alas, we are human and thus humanly impacted by life-events, pain, lethargy, personal and collective trauma, relationship drama and lessons, and all of the other humanly things. We get pulled away from our own intuition and that of the living force magic that is POUND Jewelry. 

And so we return to her calls to soul-action. Again and again. And again.

On May 15th, the day of the Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, Mia and I traveled to the desert of Joshua Tree. We collected data and death. Shed skin and let go. We collected life-force and flowers and drove to Topanga, CA. The Canyon womb I lived in for Nine Months, to be exact, until the pandemic hit. 

Inside the lush cavernous dwelling which is Topanga, Mia photographed Ali Ofstedal, who synchronistically lives in Topanga, but is originally from St. Louis. A soul-sister who bought her very first piece of POUND Jewelry the week she moved to Topanga and has worn it every single day since. Ali is a woman who travels through the Quantum to bring healing to the collective. A voice of the stars and cosmos. An embodied human who listens deeply to her soul to help us rise into the essence of our innate wisdom. She is angelic, and she is fierce. Ali listens to the callings of her soul, the animal multiverse, the planetary orbits, and she honors the stories of the stone-beings.

The three of us (Mia, Ali, and I) embarked on a day-long Shamanic Journey, where every animal that needed to appear showed themselves to us: A rattlesnake. Hummingbird. Eagle. Crow. Coyote. Bunny. Fairies. Dogs. Ground squirrels. Bugs that clacked like crazy when we walked past. And a baby rat we ended up taking care of until she passed on.

Light orbs revealed themselves a thousand times as Mia peered through the Auric Field of her camera. We were graced with light shows that lit up on the body where our Chakras live underneath the skin so close to our bones. And the wind on the leaves of the trees whispered "keep going" when we got tired. 

The aperture opened. The lens widened. And Mia captured the essence of it all

Under the umbrella of this radical ecliptic portal, Mom was at home intuitively designing pieces that she had long held in her collection of talismanic treasures. She is so fun. :) 

New Ancient Adornment Pieces made of ancient crystals and relics that mirror where we find ourselves today have been born. 

Solar Disc Pendulums

One Light. ScoleciteStone of Pure Light and Divine Connection.

One Dark. Black Tourmaline. Stone of Recycling Energy and Protection. 

Both are on gold with 22k gold plated Solar Disc rising above them. 
Solar Disc Pendulums
One of the most epic Agate Stones we have ever seen. 
Coyamito Agate with fossilized codes that feel like Hieroglyphics or etchings from an ancient cave.  
We call her the Coyamito Dragon
A messenger tablet with potent inner love sequencing. 
New Ancient Collection
We cut stones into Hexagons often.
The Hexagon is Sacred. It's geometry holds a six-pointed star.
Ali wears two POUND Hexagonal Pieces of Altar Art here:

Eagle Eye View and Infinity
More Hexagonal Luminaries



Thank you for being on this cyclical infinity journey with us.
You are Magic.
Linda, Becca and Mia