Moon Full of Gems: Releasing and Reclaiming 💎

The Moon is at 7 degrees Gemini. This moon is also called the "Beaver Moon" and also, the "Mourning Moon. In Gagan traditions, since this is the last moon before the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, it was honored as a symbol of release and letting go.

With Mars and Saturn energies showing up as heavy hitters in the moon vibe of today, I personally could feel ancient rage that had been held in my body for far too long slowly and diligently breaking free all day yesterday. There were some yells some screams some howls. Then there was just talking. A lot of nonstop talking. I couldn't shut up. You can even ask my mom. She told me to shut up. Lol. 

I started going back through photo records and re-inspiring myself to remember things I used to love that I stopped doing for no good reason. 

I came across this otherworldly pic from ages ago when we were in Costa Rica for our yearly pilgrimage to move our bodies Qoya style with Rochelle (also a Gemini :)
I don't think this picture is a masterpiece or anything. But it evokes something in me that seemed to reveal two different sides of a human. The way it was captured. The colors. Maybe it is just the hot pink wig. But it definitely marks a spot for me. 

I wrote some words that flew through me out on top of the photo I uncovered (sourced from Mia's instagram.)
I don't think the words create a written masterpiece or anything.   It's just that the idea hit me that I have often had this negative connotation with the symbol of The Twins as archetypal energy of the Gemini. It hit me that having multiple sides is challenging and can be kinda gross but also so so beautiful. Having multiple sides and ways of being is woven into everything we are, and everything around us. How could we be only one way, or only one thing, when we already know we are definitely of this body that we definitely have a spirit. A force a light an energy moving us along with the science and cells we can view at least under the scope. 

The vibration of returning to past parts of self to re-integrate and re-remember, even though we may have been less conscious or aware than we are right now as younger versions of felt good and right. Honestly it felt illuminating and brilliant to pull back the younger versions of joy that filled my heart back then, so I can bring it back to me right now.
We need that hummingbird fairy impulse to heli-hover over the flowers carrying only the sweetest sweetness. We need that effervescent ever-lasting joy elixir as fuel for the tank of our spirit system. We need these carefree bubble baubles alongside our discernment and will power and determination. Otherwise wherever we are headed will be lacking big time the pulse of pollinated preciousness. 

It does not even matter that the math is perfect. I realized in my big activation yesterday that I have my Sun at 7 degrees Gemini. Same exact degree as this full moon right as I sit to write this.
It does not matter, but it makes sense.
And it does not matter that it makes sense.
Because magic does not need math.
But it is fun when the numbers hit just right. 

Highlighting the Gemini Pendulum on this Full Moon. Composed of:
Chrysoprase: A Literal Elixir of Joy bottled into a Crystal.
Tanzanite - Raw Regal Intuition
Ruby - Fearless Fire Heart
Green Opal - Prism of Forest Fern Light

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