Life-Force Chakra Bracelet SETS are Here!

Symbols carry meaning and we are free to ascribe any meaning to these symbols that holds a resonance to us because at our core we are free and unique beings. I love the Rainbow. To me, ever since childhood, a rainbow = A miracle of magic that I get to experience in this life.

Each Chakra, or energy center, is associated with a color of the Rainbow. We have incorporated a Herkimer Crystal into our Chakra bracelets because they are the Life-Force Crystals and one of the most pristine, pure, powerful forms of Clear Quartz on the planet (that we know of.) These crystals have been growing underground for over 500 million years. They are representative of resilience, strength, endurance, and powerful healing. Due to their perfect atomic structure and clarity, they allow for pure white light to be transmitted through its core, often resulting in a refracting kaleidoscopic RAINBOW. And that folks, is a miracle.

You have asked, and we felt that THIS is the perfect time in honor of Pride Month and a celebration of LOVE to bring to you the full Life-Force Chakra Bracelet Set.

The Full Chakra Bracelet Includes ALL Seven Chakra bracelets but you only pay for Six of them when you order the Set!

A way to spread the love from us to you and maybe you to someone in your life who needs a little reminder that they are Magic.

Each of the bracelets comes on its own Chakra Card with a Mantra and the Herkimer Diamond Crystal Meaning written on the back! They are so fun :)

Herkimer Life-Force Threaders


Life-Force Chakra Bracelet Set


ENJOY! We Love You!
May all your wildest imaginings be reflected back to you through the Kaleidoscope which is your Shining Heart,
the POUND girls.