Kali is the Hindu Goddess of destruction, death, TIME, and ultimately, the Protectress against Evil. The Mother who is unbound by societal constraints. She is depicted wearing elaborate jewels. She dons 50-52 skull heads around her neck, symbolizing the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet and as a signifier of Kali as the Ultimate Reality recognized as Sound. She helps us destroy the parts of the ego that want to be in control and uses her forces of destruction for good. She burns away what no longer serves so that hopeful regeneration from the softer part of our souls becomes possible. 

Have your felt her energy lately? 

We have. Both personally and geo-politically; as we all know, it is on the world stage. Our hearts are with the Ukraine and every single person that is going through the fire right now. 

We felt the burning call to create a talisman of wearable altar art in honor of the Fire, and for sure and definitely supremely, for Kali Ma. 

Re-writing the myth that "Opals are Bad Luck," which is simply an untruth that was coined by the diamond industry when opals became so precious and desired they began to compete with precious diamonds. From lived experience, I would say opals are actually incredibly Good Luck, because they represent every single color on the spectrum and hold prismatic codes of light from deep within their silica and water makeup. They refract and reflect. They inspire AWE and WONDER. Like when you see a rainbow in the sky: time halts. For a moment in the presence of the multicolored arc, nothing else matters except you and the sky and the water and the phenomenon you are witnessing.
Time stands still. Such is the power of the rainbow. And the opal. And the force that you will feel when the energies of the Goddess Kali come to visit.

As with every single piece we intuitively create, may these talismans assist you in re-locating your essence and the pulse of love from within yourself.
THE KALI NECKLACE: Black Opals that emanate deep blues, greens, teals and yellows like an undersea underworld wonderland meant to be traversed. Paired with Moldavite. A "mineral" that literally formed when a meteor struck Earth. Carrying the Cosmos and Plutonian energies of transmutation within its structure.
Black Opals have carbon AND iron oxide elements living within, which causes the darker body of the stone. This allows the spectral rainbow lightning flashes to radiate through and outward with even more life than they would from a lighter shade opal. The black opal is more rare than lighter toned opals and calls forth the energy of Kali. In the darkness, there is much magic to uncover.
BLACK OPAL TRIANGLE: Prism of Light and Dark

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This morning before writing this letter, I pulled a card from Alana Fairchild's KALI ORACLE DECK
(The deck that has been with me, my friends and our lil POUND family for the last two weeks and I highly recommend as medicine to work with the energies and love of Kali.)

The card I pulled was #8.

The first sentence reads: 
"She who wears the male of skulls around her neck shall never abandon you. She shall be with you always, lifetime after lifetime, in unending tenderness and devotion, conquering that which would alienate you from your truth and creative power.

May it be so.

We love you.

Linda, Becca and Mia