Heart of the Mother

In honor of every form the archetype of the mother takes, we're excited to bring you this special capsule Mother's Day Collection.

Two weeks ago my sister, mother and I made our annual pilgrimage to Nosara, CR with the Qoya to dance, swirl, unwind, and be held by the intimate circle of women, as well as the greatest mother teachers maybe of all: the Earth and the Sea. 

I saw my own mother in ways I that I could not see her before. 
New modes of understanding how she is not just "my mom"-- but a mothering force of love for all people she comes into contact with was a highlight that became further cemented into my awareness. Mama POUND...Linda...Mom...GlindaBlue are just a few of her names and she  is her own brand of genius. 

We faced a lot of ancestral pain during our trip, to be honest. It was an invitation to confront our enmeshment, co-dependence, lack of tolerance, and wounds that have held us somewhat captive forever.

The gift is that we took the invitation. And so we evolved and opened our eyes to more of each other. So that we could also be seen as more of ourselves.

For this collection, we chose the last handful of our favorite Turquoise ever found for this collection because of their natural feminine forms, the power of their elements (Mother Earth and Mother Ocean) melding into one, and the magic of its meaning. 

Turquoise is one of the oldest stones known to humankind and this particular Eastern European iteration is like a geode in that it is a solid mass of rock we must open to get to the etheric blue center. A metaphor revealing the beauty living on this inside and the powerful beauty of the stone unfolding like the wings of a butterfly when it comes out of its cocoon protection, 

This stone is strong, yet calming, like a compassionate mother drying our tears. It helps to lovingly open the third eye, showing us wisdom and leading us to answers like a mother's sage advice. It is even thought to strengthen teeth and bones like eating nature's greens and drinking primordial milk do. 
In short, it is a stone that is both fierce and loving, soothing and strengthening. Whether you feel called to give a piece to a mother in your life or honor your inner mothering spirit, our prayer is that they heighten your knowing while soothing your inner child.

All of the other one-of-a-kind pieces in this collection were also inspired by our family trip.
When we opened our eyes bigger to one another, some sparks of inspiration that had felt shut down for awhile began to re-ignite. 


Collage Magician: Mia Kannapell


The astrology of the last few weeks has brought with it cleansing retrogrades, which will ramp up even more when this Friday, May 5th brings a Full Moon South Node Eclipse in Scorpio, which is all about RELEASE

We are releasing so that new beginnings can enter our lives and bloom us forward.

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As we renovate our studio, we're also reimagining the business in a big way, so to make room for new ideas, new collections, and new energy, we're clearing out our storeroom to also assist you in adding pieces to your collection to help you STEP INTO this new stage and season of your life.

Whether seeking stones and magic for Mother's Day or gifting yourself the piece that resonates with the way in which only you can mother in this world, it is our mission to help inspire you to connect with the stones that call you. They are ready for you.


Sending you so much gratitude and love that is bigger, brighter and lighter than the fullest of the moons reflecting glimmers off the waters,
Becca, Linda, and Mia