Heart of Gold đź’–

Last SUN-day was my Birthday! I hoped we would be able to create a piece inspired by this trip around the sun as an offering for you, but we were waiting for download to come through. Synchronistic interventions are my favorite, as I'm sure you know by now. 

In the Chakra Energy System I am familiar with that originated in India, they see the Sun's energy as radiating and igniting the Solar Plexus Chakra. I have always ascribed to that concept, which I love. But right around my birthday I was in an online Qoyaclass for Global Paqo School and Rochelle mentioned how in the Inca Energy System, they view the fire from the sun and that powerful light energy as entering and activating the Heart. I loved this and in that moment I could feel the sun's heat and blaze beating through the window and I spread my heart open wide to the sky and that cracked me more open than I had been moments before. I could sense the powerful heat molding my heart to expand its capacity.

At that very moment, I knew what was to be created in honor of this personal Solar Return. And as life, luck and magic would have it, the perfect crystals were here, waiting to be seen. Waiting to be shared.

They are the Hearts of Gold.

A piece that links the heart TO the solar plexus and activates a feeling of warmth inside the center of the chest. 

A pendulum that combines the potent life-force vital strength and rootedness of rust-toned earth matter with lightness of being.

A talisman for being courageous enough to open our minds so that our hearts can beat in a more compassionate rhythm.

An oracular tool of magic made manifest when we unite various energy systems into a symphony of movement that works for us, both literally and symbolically.

A altar for your neck that carries the fire from the very Center of our Solar System (the SUN!) and unites it with the most profound, all-encompassing energy of all---the Love that beams beauty and bright blooms straight out of the Heart. 

Sooooooo excited to share these pendulums with you, truly, madly, deeply. <3 
This inspired pendulum necklace is made of:

Golden Healer Quartz - Crystal Quartz laden with Iron encapsulated inside the crystal giving these pieces their gleaming streaks of fire and vitality.
Burmese Rubies - Pure Heart Energy and Passion. Also linked to the SUN. Regal and Ancient and Known as the Queen of Gems. 
Like lanterns glowing or a firefly dancing her way through to the front of the heart to flash light from the inside out. The Fuchsia Rubies also remind me of the only birthday gift I got for myself, which is a plant called, literally, Fuchsia. ;) She is a Fairy Tree and now has golden flecks of pyrite I offered to her as wishes. 
Hearts of Gold photo'd with a mini pouch made by Mia who used our grandmother's lace, our aunt Mary's leftover wedding fabric, beads from mom's collection and her imagination to make me one of my most treasured birthday gifts ever--this mini magic pouch. (Which we will probably be asking her to make more of very soon to share with y'all. Wait until you see this thing in person, it is like my favorite. I cried when I saw it, no joke!)

Please Note that the Hearts of Gold are super Limited Edition sadly, we only have a couple of handfuls and each one is totally unique! None of them are perfectly smooth, they are funky little healers with their own imperfections but they sing like the sun. Promise you that. 

Solar Heart Waves,