Happy New Year! 💎


A sweet and simple shout out to say thank you so incredibly much for making our year so expansive. As your desire to know the crystals and stones better grows, our reservoir of creation expands. This year, like most of the years before that, has come with some serious ups and downs and everything in between. It has been an honor to ride the waves with you. After a week of reflection, rest, and recalibration, we will be hitting the design table this coming week and making our way towards our annual pilgrimage to the Tucson Gem Show come the end of the month. There, we will do as we have learned to do more and more each year: follow our intuition to the pots of treasure-talismans that feel like they are calling to be utilized for the purpose of magic and remembering. 

One major of the major takeaways from 2022 we felt deeply time and time again is this:
The stones are here to help guide us, open us, and deepen our connection to this stunning and massive rock called Earth floating in space and time. We just have to ask. Their energy works much like that of spirit---ready and waiting to assist, just need a little nudge.

Intention from the heart is all we really need...and a willingness to listen to the messages the stones whisper. They are worth listening to. 

Hoping that this past year was a year that opened a door for deeper connection in some way shape or form in your life; whether it was with humans, animals, the Earth or your stones. And that magic meandered her way into your life in ways beyond your wildest imagination. There will be more of that a comin'. <3 

With so much love and always the most gratitude, Linda, Becca and Mia --- all of us, we three, and you, are the POUND girls