Full Super Strawberry Moon in Sagittariusūüćď

Root Chakra Connection, Womb Work, Pelvic Floor and Core Strengthening, Nervous System Calibration, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Re-parenting the self from your adult knowing and capacity....just to name a handful of the energetics that have been coming into my sphere over the last few months (some of them for re-re-re-visiting. Umpteenth visit.)

As my body calls me to come home to it's sacred center in a way that feels deeper and more profound than maybe ever before, I am becoming aware of how tucked away many of my wounds have been and how easy it is for me to abandon myself. I know, as we all know, the only way to heal those ancient wounds is to face them. To feel them. To sit with them. Which I have done many times. But I more often than not jump ship before the work is complete. When the going gets rough, I honestly like to peace out. 

As I do my very best this time to stick with it and tend to my nervous system, I am rooting further into the truth of who I am now. Which comes with changes that feel overwhelming and scary. One of my biggest fears has been that of losing my "magic."

I felt a wave of panic the other day that sounded like this:
"If I dare to delve so far down into what feels like the bottomless darkness of my lower chakras, I may no longer feel/see/experience the synchronicities that feel like my life-force; the twists of fate and the signs from the universe that make my mind dance like glitter-waves; the stories I co-conspire with source to create and the messages I channel when I peer inside the globe of a crystal full of mythical creatures."

I was firmly reminded by not one, not two, but at least THREE friend/healers who are hand-holding me through this work =
You ARE the Magic.
And there is more magic and synchronicity than you could ever imagine that is becoming available to you as you step into the power that IS your Body. 


What has my body been craving lately, I ask it. Honestly: Strawberries. Lol. Before I even registered that this Full Truth-Seeking, Radically optimistically faith-full honest, Super-Pink Power Moon in Sagittarius is aka:
The Strawberry Moon; so named by Algonquin Native American tribe in the northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada, referring to the region's strawberry harvesting season. 

In divine timing, (synchronicity is still present and alive!!), our Strawberry Quartz Pendulums we have been waiting on just arrived.

Each of the pendulums are stunning mini portals holding red swirls that look like gusts of sun tinted smoke clouds swimming in a crystalline vessel-like-body to be nurtured and loved. The red tones inside the stone are composed of IRON: the essential element we need to make our blood strong. 70% of the body's iron is found in the red blood cells. 

Strawberry Quartz is one of those stones that has developed new meanings for me as I have worked with it/worn it/been with it. I once took her for a very sweet, loving, gentle crystal. And she does hold those energies for sure. Often used as a talisman for new mothers who need a little extra support and self-nourishment, this stone is a really compassionate ally.

I now also find that this potent crystal shows up as an immovable anchor. A reminder that true love is not always sweet. Beauty does not always look pretty. She can be fierce and cut straight to the heart of the matter while also being so incredibly loving.

Strawberry Quartz is simultaneously a Root Chakra and Heart Chakra Stone, connecting the two as if by red threads, weaving them closer together so that they can be in sync. In flow.   It reminds us that when we feel rooted in who we are with our stable resourced self and known boundaries, we can love wider, broader, bigger and with more ease. 

We can love from a place that is True. Like the crystals do. Like the Earth does. 

On this Full Magical Fire-Filled Moon, I Seek to know where my feet stand by feeling them pushing into the soil so that my heart can berry-bloom from her sacred new truth. 
If you feel called to the medicine of this Stone, we just re-stocked her and she is ripe for the picking.

I am also sharing some of the most incredible human healers I have worked with recently who have been phenomenal resources and pillars of strength for me over the last few months!!

<< Ali Ofstedal--As an intuitive and quantum healer, evolutionary astrologer and mentor, Ali’s passion lies in guiding women back into alignment.>>

<< Corinne Idzal--Using her unique combination of physical therapy, neurological rewiring, yoga, and eastern philosophy, she helps her patients regain the balance and stability they need to heal.>>

<< Tracy Whittingham--Integration Coach and Energy Healer who merges the physical with the spiritual and helps us tap into the body while clearing blocked energies.>>

Note: I literally can not recommend the three of these women more highly. It would be impossible for me explain in words at this moment, but the courage, patience, brilliance, clarity, and precise medicine each of them brings forth into the world is a true gift that will continue to ripple out into the multiverse for eternity. 

And what's super fun (for me) about all of these amazing peeps who I adore = they all use POUND crystals and/or candles during their healing sessions, which I DID NOT KNOW WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!
Viva la Synchronicity via our Root Systems.

All the love in the World to you all.

Art-Magic: Always Mia 
Words Written to be Read: Usually Becca
The Root Cause of it All Because she Birthed Us: Defy Linda