Full Moon in GEM(ini) 💎🌕💎

On this Full Moon in GEMini day, I feel inspired to write to you. Gemini is a sign of the zodiac (along with Virgo) that is ruled by the planet Mercury, aka the "Messenger." Messages and Magic abound. 

On Sunday a few days ago I gave myself an entire day to do almost nothing. A gift I have not granted myself in longer than I can recall. Every single time the signals such as: "abort mission abort mission! GO DO SOMETHING! Work! Drink Coffee! Wake Up! Run errands! WORK! Check your emails!!"....etc etc and so on, I said gently, slowly and lovingly:
No. I will sit. Or dance.
And then I will return to myself, and sit again. 

Messages that feel true flow through when we are paying attention to our bodies and tending to these physical temples that give home to our spirits. The past few weeks I have been dancing in LORE with Qoya as we move through the seven chakras and tend to what has been yelping for our attention. What has been blocked from being free. And what energies are arising in us. For me, I am noticing the synchronicities and magic occur quite blaringly every time I give myself the space to BE WITH myself. 

Being with instead of outside myself opens a portal of magic. Like a secret jewel box of treasures. 

As we move through LORE, every week I pull a crystal that resonates with each of the seven chakras and discuss how we can call upon the energies of the minerals to assist us, just as we call on the angels, the spirit guides, the divine.  

This week we are working with the 
Solar Plexus, and I chose Citrine. The Solar Plexus is aka the Manipura Chakra, which translates as "city of jewels" or "lustrous gem!!"

The message that came through with this rather rare Citrine  gemstone is: "I am a stone of Magic."

Citrine and the Solar Plexus are tied to our sense of action, purpose, confidence, self knowledge of self, free-will and the fire that burns just above our belly button; like a hearth holding our solar radiant shining center. 

But it is sometimes only after we sit still long enough to feel the feelings coming forward and take to the void in order to move through them, with maybe loving sweet songs, that we can actually attune and align with what we are really called to DO next. 

On this Gemini Full Moon, I feel called to share the sense of strength and power I received from letting myself do basically nothing except exactly what my body was asking of me for an entire twenty four hours.

A spark of creative life force that I think has been dormant for quite some time started glowing in this open space of nothingness. If you are so able to do the same at some point soon, I so highly recommend it. Though I know all of our circumstances are varied and making this kind of space is not always easy or feasible, especially during the holidays. Even five minutes a day to honor the body and what his/her voice is trying to say actually does work, too.

I also feel deeply called to share that in early October, I met one of my best friends, Rochelle, founder of Qoya, in the jungles of Costa Rica to check out a retreat center for an upcoming retreat she is offering called: Open to Receive.

We both arrived depleted. The POUND crew and I had just completed three very full days at the Missouri Botanical Gardens Market, which was the largest and longest "trunk show" we had ever done. Eight hours a day of non-stop people and talking and vending and organizing and assisting. It was beautiful, and it was A LOT.
(So grateful if you came by the way! We SO loved seeing all of your faces in person!!) 

In the jungle, we were welcomed by the rain and rainbows. The tree-scape felt like a cocoon of thriving restoration and peace. A deep green and mossy gnome dome (we actually stayed in a DOME, and it was truly epic) where we could rest, eat nourishing foods, move our bodies in sync with nature and touch the tears from the sky with our heads, hands and hearts. 

We are headed back to this nest in the jungle near the beach to dance through the seven energy centers in the body in exactly one month.

Us POUND girls go to a Qoya retreat every single year. It has become our most transformative way of coming home to our true desires, and our individual essences. It has become our most treasured family tradition. And most concrete example of electric healing. Every single time we travel to Costa Rica for a week of moving through life with the other women on the journey, something exceptional and profound happens for each of us that changes our lives forever. And ever. For the better. 

On this next adventure in January, as we Open to Receive, I will be sharing the crystal wisdom that resonates with each of these chakric energy centers and together we will build a literal and metaphorical crystal grid to further nourish and activate the openings we experience. I am really excited to be a part of this Qoya Retreat. 

Click the links for all the details if they call you.

Gemini moons and suns remind me to listen to the call of the messages that are deep within me, and bring them out.
To Open my heart and tune into it's perfect wisdom. 
To adorn myself in the gems that are calling me, instead of ignoring them and making myself too busy.
To trust in their magic and their vibrations, and to slow down enough to receive them.
To touch the place inside myself at my core, the real gem that is ablaze living in me, and radiate that sweet brilliance, whether I am on the couch doing nothing or in the jungle dancing in the rain shine.
What we put in our bodies matters.
What we put on our bodies matters, too. 

I put a Citrine on my heart and harkened to said heart with this: WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW.

Mini Citrine Temple. We manifest magic when we are open to seeing and feeling it. Honoring the body, mind, and spirit--three points.

Manifestation Choker»

Citrine is the stone of the solar ray, the bright star Sirius, and of Manifestation and our Solar Plexus. It honors Worth. Sovereignty. Strength. Fire. And the courage to shine. 

Citrine Point of Solar Light »

Image on the left is a rainbow chakra wheel a found on the ground today. Image on the right is me in my rainbow chakra shirt touching the rain in the jungle in October at IMLOA retreat center. It all comes around. Open. 

We be poppin' up at Winslows Table on Saturday AND Sunday, December 10th and 11th from 10am-2pm so come shop and bop if you need last minute gem gifts! 

We are also poppin' at Palm Health for their Holiday Market on Thursday, December 15th from 9am-4pm!! So excited for this! 
(Mia now works as a massage therapist at PALM Health AND she had three life-shifting experiences re: Citrine this week, just FYI ;)

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Shining the Love from our Hearthy Hearts here Straight to You,
Linda, Becca and Mia