From the Root, We Rise

On the Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse that occurred with the Moon in Sagittarius on May 26th, we had the honor of creating Almandine Garnet POUND Pendulums.

The timing could not have been more perfect, as per usual with the Stone Beings.

SAGITTARIUS = TRUTH! (among many other things.)

GARNET = the "Stone of Tangible Truth" (among many other things.)

How beautifully this stone landed in the workshop here in our home ON THE FULL MOON ECLIPSE while we are still in the cycle of Venus making her Ascent in the Sky and Rising as Evening Star.

Climbing out of the Underworld and moving through the Seven Gates of Initiation (corresponding to the 7 Chakras); beginning with the ROOT. (Venus moves onto the Second Gate, the Sacral Chakra, on June 11 which we are learning through Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk via their Venus Alchemy classes--check them out if so called!)

The Root Chakra holds the energetic foundation of our physical beings. It holds the energy of stability, security, safety, abundance, and home. It is the seat of our home in this body. And Garnet corresponds to all of these exact same energies. A stone that holds a powerful resonance with the way we circulate power, strength, vitality and blood through our bodies.

It is a stone associated with the Ancient Egyptian Warrior Goddess of the Sun, Strength, and Healing. Her name is Sekhmet.

Possibly one of the most difficult pendulum stones to photograph we have ever encountered, Almandine Garnet is so dense in red tones it almost appears black in the pictures. It has little veins of natural texture to it and it is so shiny on its surface that it reflects the sun-rays like a mirror.

This piece has weight to it. It is the most substantial pendulum we have ever made in that you can literally feel it pulling you into a grounded, rooted state. The density of the Garnet is supportive, loving and affirming.

From that space of being deeply rooted, the energies ready to be awakened at the base of the spine start to free themselves.

From the Root, we Rise.

Also super honored to have this new deep scarlet red stone as a reminder to let any of the rage, the fire, the anger that may arise when tapping into the Root have its space and recognition. Otherwise it gets stuck and lodged in the body. Garnet is a talisman acting as a permission slip to own ALL parts of the self, fury included!

The Cosmos and the Crystals are here to help us navigate every bit of this powerful season of change.

Rage On, Rock On,
We Love You,
the POUND girls. xxx