Fairy Collection Gratitude and Teensy Treasure Gift 🌀

We created the Fairy Collection by listening to a loud, pounding desire that sprang forth through the art of following the Heart. In order to keep the creations flowing, we continuously had to check back in with our child-like imaginations and those check-ins brought those little ones back to life in many ways. 

It has been interesting observing the self, as daily life can cloud the heart's truest desires at times. And the amount of work it can take to continue to return back to  the purest expression of essence is not always a breezy path.

But the practices that continue to arise often are the ones most needed for moving in the direction we are being led. 

Feeling the ways in which the heart is continuously asking to be opened. Wide. Like a galaxy. 

This vastness of heart-opening definitely feels like the primal power and life-force of a Lion, because it is THAT big, and it is THAT bold. 

Your response to this collection has been an infusion of  rip-roaring glee and is so deeply felt by every crystalline cell of our beings.  Thank you for loving these lit-from-within sweet earthen creature creations. We are so excited to get them to their new homes with you all.  And hence, we are packaging as swiftly as possible :) 

AND,  you can unexpectedly expect a teensy sparkly and spiralic treasure gift in your Fairy Collection Packages as well. An extra "thank you" from the Fairies and the Flowers, who tend to deliver the perfect insights at the perfect moments to keep the spiral of magically woven connection alive. There are still some spic Fairy Stones available should you wish to peruse---link below.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Collage Magician: Mia Kannapell
All of our Love,