Eclipse Season Collection II

The Total Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon in Taurus is here. Well technically it is tomorrow. We can feel it today. Maybe we have even been feeling it for quite some time. I know I have. Since the May 15 Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, in fact (when the photo above was taken). 

I like to feel back to that photo where I felt my hand-heart on the moon and ruminate to comprehend how different I am today. Same original me; different tune. 

I have watched as this Eclipse Season touched to transform my family, my friends and the waters of my innermost self. For some of my peeps, the change has been electric and external. For some it has been a slow steady rolling inner dialogue. No matter what, the change has been a constant revolving door. The waves of mutation have been rather large, bringing light to what needs to be converted in order to restructure the facets of our lives that need re-arranging for deeper self-nourishment. Leading to greater self-acceptance and love.

At the root of our jewelry pieces lives a rhythm of honoring transformation. We mark these moments in different ways that feel resonant to us personally. My mother has always taught my sister and I to dress ourselves in the gems and colors that paint a picture of our moods. A representation of who we feel we are or who we want to be in any given moment. To match the outside to the inside. And to wear it like a badge of courage. This is the place from where we create. 

Crystals grow because they do not give up when faced with adversity or challenge. In fact, they become more layered, more diverse, more fascinating with every storm they weather. Heat and pressure pushes them down so that they can glimmer more brightly and rise up. 

They are light filled mirrors for us. And we, in so many ways, imitate their essence.

Honored to bring you part II of the magic that we synthesized from inside a living, breathing portal of a "home" where said mother aka Linda aka GlindaBlue grew up. The space from which we can feel the spirit essence of my grandparents, her parents. A house that is being re-painted on its exterior with old wood being replaced with new so that the foundation can stand strong. The outsides being reframed to match the insides that we dream into being. Refurbishing a home takes a mixture of imagination blended with actionable steps. Creation happens with mini rituals stacked one on top of the next. This is how we adorn the self over here in this neck of the woods :) 

We can always take it one breath at a time. String one pearl of course before the next. One heart-beat before the rest. 

Grateful to be able to offer some tools to help you honor this time of tuning in and letting the magic unfold.

Eclipses are a beautiful time to cleanse your crystals and stones, re-arrange them so they can be seen more often, and let them soak up the power that is always alive in the moon, the stars and the sun. 

Agate with a Monarch-like patterning or half of a butterflyy wing paired with half of a figure 8 orinfinity loop on the left hand side of the stone. Paired with Burmese Rubies, pearls,  and black obsidian. The statement necklace that reminds us we have a pearl of wisdom threaded on the long life-string of our lives; each one a reminder of how far we have traveled to be right here; and how it is a never-ending cycle of change--while we remain the constant conduit in the center. 


An Altar to be worn on the neck like a crown of strung marigolds that honor the season of now. An invitation to revel in beauty and shine from your core. An offering to remember you are your best teacher, time and time again. A symbol for our ancestors, the Earth, Cycles....Life and Death and the Beauty of it all. 


Sunstone striated throughout it's shimmering essence. A stone associated with the Root Chakra AND the Sacral--enticing our sense of power, safety, strength, foundation. A piece that calls on the power of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet: half lion/feline and half woman in all of her fierce and radiant; born from the fire that is the element of courage and confidence and bravery. 


Altar Art: A handful of the super rad Gem Shells are here. One hundred million years old. The only of their kind (that we have ever heard of.) Naturally crystallizes, left-hand-spiraling shells found in central India that were once underneath a sea that dried up and left these dazzling pieces of sea-art in the rocks on the hill. Perfect for an altar piece to honor the side of ourselves that is open to receiving. 

Cleansing Tools: More Sacred Smudge Sticks made by Mia listed online. She collects and dries flowers, curates cleansing stones and bundles them into stunning wands for clarity and spaciousness. 

Gem Shells»

Sacred Sage Sticks»

Eclipse Medicine Recommendation : I sincerely and truly gained a ton of necessary reflection and major "aha's" from this particular Eclipse Season during Virginia Rosenberg's first Eclipse call on Oct 25. Click here for more on info on her Eclipse Calls, as I literally can not recommend them enough, and the second call is Today, which is still open to join if you are vibing it. <3 
To the clearing, the change, the opening...for the growth.
With Love,
Becca, Linda and Mia 

Mia under the last full moon eclipse in Scorpio on May 15 taking a bath