Eclipse Season Collection I

I have been studying the stars and the astrology of the vast sky with bright new eyes and boldly focused attention this past year with sincere dedication. I love it so much. It reminds me of when I first learned of the stones and their healing capabilities. I could not get enough of the stone studies when I first encountered their magic. The crystals honestly kept me company when I moved to a new city and knew very few people. I never felt lonely when I was peering into them, observing their changes in the various iterations of light, reading up on their history, and photographing them. It has become the favorite "job" I ever held. 

I am just now really starting to understand the direct line of communication the stone beings have with the heavenly skies and the zodiac wheel. But I could feel it long ago.

Working to gain knowledge about a subject, such as astrology, helps ease my very-heavily-Mercury (the MIND- ruled-natal chart. But something I am beginning to integrate is how so much of the workings on the astral plane and the depths of healing in the earthen underworld are FELT vibrations and are already encapsulated  within our cells. YouKNOW your astrology and you KNOW which of the stones are calling for you, because your body FEELS it first.

Think about every time you picked a crystal and you later learned of its meaning. It called to you for a reason which became more evident once you found out more about the energy of the stone. I feel the same every time I look back at a huge catalytic life event and then release it was on an eclipse or full moon or a huge transit for me.

Learning to TRUST that truth has been one the hardest parts of the journey for me.
And this inner trust is one of the main themes of this eclipse season for me personally.

I invite you to reflect on what themes have been coming up for YOU this last nine months since the nodes of the moon changed signs into Taurus and Scorpio.

Space and time for reflection allows the gems of awareness that have been waiting to be recognized rise to the surface to meet you. They feel like huge "aha" moments. Treasures we can take with us as we learn more about ourselves through the power of the natural world.

This is the first release of our Eclipse Season Collection in honor of today's Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

For this collection, we really let the Gem Stones that call to us come forward into the light.

I'll give you a visual: 
Our studio where we create is a bit chaotic, heehee. Chaos is not my preference, but for many reasons, it is the way it is right now. Amidst chaos and hundreds and hundreds of stones, some of them pop out all of a sudden like they are saying "Pick Me Pick Me!" Mom or Mia or I will feel that call, pick up the stone, stare into it for a long time and ask it: "what next?" Then we get hits and ideas and energy flowing through us for how that piece is to be made. It sounds simple; it isn't, lol.
But it is really powerful when it finally all comes together and the stones have found their soul mates and their proper chain and length. The most magical part is when YOU come into the frame. You see them, feel them, and call them back to you. Each piece always goes exactly where it is meant to go. 

An Ammonite fossil, over 100 million years old, carrying the ancient future within the spiralic nature of its being. 

A talisman for the cycles of change we are undergoing and the rapid healing we are performing during this potent eclipse season on the Taurus (the body, worth)/Scorpio(death-re-birth) Axis. 


Chrysocolla that looks like moving tectonic plates or a crack in the universe that we get to step over, maybe even for the final time.

Eclipse season asks us to leave old behaviors that no longer resonate behind, literally for the last time. 

Like a bridge, the Opals must connect to get us from one point to the next. A spectrum of all colors of the rainbow held inside each stone. Opals are made of light and water. They are reminders that the journey is always worth it, no matter what. 

We also included some of our vintage one-hundred-year-old Indian coins that we gold plated in 22k gold on the site for this release, powerful Hindu Gods and Goddesses that resonated with us for this eclipse to carry as anchors and guides. 

Mia envisioned, designed, and created the most loving Sacred Smudge Sticks using crystals and dried flowers to help you clear out old stagnancy and energies that are truly, deeply, no longer needed. We sold out of them two weeks ago at the the Missouri Botanical Garden Market, and an incredible amount of you asked about them! Hence! she made more to share with you for this powerful life-changing (in our opinion) Eclipse Portal. 

We ALSO have a handful of the little mini epic Gem Shells we posted two weeks ago. These crystallized shells are over a hundred million years hold. Found by a dear friend of ours who actually discovered them in central India. They were once under the pre-historic Tethys Sea, a body of water that no longer exists. The shells were imbedded in rocks and are naturally crystallized. A shell AND a crystal in ONE. The most magical part about these gem shells is that they spiral to the LEFT. Most shells and natural born forces spiral to the right. Historically, left hand coiling shells have been associated with immense metaphysical powers in the Hindu, Buddhist and Tibetan cultures and religions. True Treasures for your altar or to carry with you as a reminder of ancient magic. 


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Lastly, I want to include a resource. I have been studying with Virginia Rosenberg for over a year now. I truly have a hard time putting into words how much wisdom and empowerment I have gained from her astrology teachings because it is so grand. 

Yesterday, I joined her Eclipse Call: How to Thrive During Eclipse Season. Though I know Virginia well; as a friend, a teacher, a fellow Gemini-Earth/Sky traveler, and as a confidante, I was still so seriously blow away by this call and it would feel like a disservice if I did not share her Eclipse Offerings with you. 

The call from yesterday was recorded (so it is still available here), and she will be doing another call on November 7, the day before the final eclipse on this Taurus/Scorpio nodal axis.

The calls come with a PDF (it is epic: like a mini book), and you also have to option to just purchase the PDF for a self-guided journey. I am putting the link here so you can learn more, as I can not recommend her work more strongly. By following the link above, you can also watch her Free Webinar, which goes over so much information regarding the astrological and astronomical events of this time. I am forever changed by how much I absorbed from all of her work.

I am forever changed by this particular eclipse season because I am aware enough now to access the gifts that the last nine months have brought me. And we POUND girls are so freaking stoked to bring you this Eclipse Collection today to mark this transformational moment in time. 

Rock On Beautiful ones. Look Up at those bright Stars. Feel In. All-ways.
Happy Eclipse Magic Portal Opening and Release.
All our Love,
Becca, Linda and Mia 

{An Important FYI: Perhaps because the energy really IS that powerful today, some of the photos/products are loading super slow on the phones for this collection. First time this has happened ever! We surrender, lol. Please be patient with the technology as best you can, and know that everything is loading beautifully on computers/ipads, just slow on the phones!}
collage art by the fantastical Mia Kannapell