Eclipse Season Collection 🌗

Holy Heavens Y'all!!! Thank you so much for the incredible ways in which you welcomed and soaked up our Eclipse Collection on the Solar Eclipse the other day. You really truly deeply inspire us to keep sourcing fuel from our depths to create again, and again, and again. Thank You. 

We were hit with some major rain in St. Louis at the beginning of the week, which was lovely/cleansing/purifying/needed/welcomed! But the rainy gray also makes it extremely challenging to photograph the nuances of the stones!. Once the sun came out, which feels brighter than ever for realz, we were able to shoot and list a few of the other pieces for this collection that did not make it onto the site on Tuesday for the Release. 

Check em' out if you'd like, and sending so much love during this window of time between the Solar and Lunar Eclipses where there are sure to be currents swirling us in the direction of change, whether we feel it or not. Attempting to welcome it in over here vs. resisting it. Easier said than done, but we can keep trying our very best ;) 


Amethyst, Gem of Fire; a Stone that breathes open the Crown Chakra---paired with a diamond shaped Moonstone that matches the white third-eye-diamond portal inclusion in the pendulum. 

Feels like reaching for the Moon with minds wide open. Ready for miracles. 


Emerald is a stone of the Heart. A stone of vision, expansion, optimism, intuition, and nature. 

The coloring of this emerald is really unique because it has both a sage-like freshness to it with a sweet mint gentle beauty. And black lines or veining running through it, like an etching. 

Serpentine Stone, representative of the Serpent and the energy of Scorpio, which is currently the South Nodal Point of the Moon, this piece is symbolic of the energies that we are literally releasing. The decreasing point. The spot where we are letting go, maybe even for the final time. 

We SOLD OUT of our mini little epic Gem Shells super fast, but will get the last few listed by the next release on November 7! And hopefully we will have more of the Rainbow Bridge Opals by then as well! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding when things go fast or when we have limited stock. We really appreciate you. 


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Sacred Sage Sticks»

All our love and deepest bow of gratitude,
Becca, Linda and Mia 

Just the Three of Us, gosh I am a cheeseball. eye roll. 
Beautiful Photography though by Carol Miller <3