Crystal books and dictionaries and websites often say that there are verrrry specific crystals that serve the truth of Love. That only some stones heal the Heart.

We say, whichever crystal makes your Heart skip a beat or leap out of your chest altogether is probably the way to go and you can't go wrong regardless.

Some stones stand out more than others for their heart opening vibrations, such as Rose Quartz and Pink Opal. Both hold pink tones, associated with energies of Unconditional Love and Self-Love.

The color GREEN represents the Heart Chakra. Stones that carry different variations of this hue are typically associated with Giving and Receiving love.

Some crystals will just call to your heart, regardless of color, shape or their written résumé.

As a little girl I was obsessed with hearts for a few reasons, one of which was it was just about the only thing I knew how to draw. lol. Then I went through a phase of rejecting heart shaped everything because I thought they were cheesy.

As an "adult" I have a big time re-kindled love affair with heart shaped objects and jewels. They are very, very cool.

During our unearthing and excavation for the New Ancient Collection, we discovered these Amethyst Hearts Mom had been holding onto for very many years.

We love the simplicity of them, the shape of them, and that they are made of Amethyst: a Stone of Fire with the Greek root word "amethystos" meaning "not-intoxicated" or "not drunk."

Which means:::::CLEAR.


The Heart: Amethyst--the Stone of February and a talisman for releasing habits that no longer serve


Queen of Generosity and Prosperity - pink Tourmalines and Rubies galore-major passionate-filled heart magic

The Rainbow - A bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Broken light still creates a rainbow

The Heart - A symbol of love and clarity


Since crystals are full of so much life-force energy and brilliant beauty, they have the capacity to aid us in a return to the center of ourselves::::namely our heart centers. Every single stone holds her own genius infrastructure made to magnify the messages our bodies are trying to tell us so we can hear them more clearly. And they help us remember that we ARE love. At our core within our essence coded in the map of our blueprinted souls, we just simply are love.

Woot! Enjoy! Viva La Love et la Magique. 4-eva!

Love from all parts of our mineral-enriched Hearts
the POUND girls