Crystalline Windows and Painted Cloud Stones: New Pieces Listed!

What makes a Window so special is the empty space within the frame. That's where the light comes in. That's how we get to see out. I love thinking about that. All of the things in my life that are made more magical because of seemingly "nothingness."

Sometimes crystals are like little window spaces that feel like nothingness. Portals for us to receive the light, empty the mind and see outwards with new eyes and clear perspectives. They are tools to help us access meditative states and deepen our access to feeling vs. thinking due to this open aperture.

This past week we had the honor of working with some really special one-of-a-kind hand cut stones from a new stone-cutter we absolutely adore. These fun new minerals are super high-quality, fairly rare, and totally ethically sourced.

With these new pieces of natural beauty and fresh inspiration, we were able to design pieces of some incredibly powerful magics to share with you. The stones came to us already intact as full-on pieces of art that feel like stained glass windows with sacred hearts, painted clouds on Peruvian Blue Opal canvases, and striated patterns inside the Aurora Borealis that lives inside the Matrix of a Labradorite Stone. 

Each and every one of these Gem Portals feels like a Talismanic Prayer. Its own Healing Ceremony happening inside the glittering beauty it holds within its core.
The Stones chose their own names for this round of POUND pieces. It was fun to hear them spoken so loudly. 

We love hearing the messages you receive from your crystals too, so please keep sharing! And thank you for listening and loving these light angels alongside us :) 

A handful now listed under Temples of Time with a handful more on the way soon!


We Love You! 


Intrinsic Freedom: Hexagonal Amethyst and Serpent


Permission to Love Yourself First


 The Window//Amethyst inside a Quartz Frame
Shine On Sweet Ones,
the POUND girls.