Aquamarine POUND Pendulum

After over two years of searching and working to get new Aquamarine POUND Pendulum Crystals, we have finally succeeded and Dare we Say: she's more stunning, gemmy, sparkling, smooth, bright, and alluring than ever. 

Aquamarine is......

The Stone of the Sea
The Treasure of the Mermaids
Cleansing, Purifying, Soothing
A Balm for Soul WOunds
A Reminder that Letting Go allows us to Let In

A Mirror reflecting the Heavens off the surface of the Sea, eternally.
Aquamarine is heavily influenced by the Moon, as are the tides. The word Aquamarine comes from the Latin aqua marinus, which literally means "water of the sea.

It is like wearing Water on your Neck as a Talisman that moves energy in cycles. An emblem for allowing the 70-some-percent water within us to move as she was born to: cyclically vs. linearly

This piece of Water-Magic opens the Throat Chakra, allowing us to speak calmly and fluidly when we feel our nerves rising. It is a Traveler's Stone, used as a Good Luck Charm since ancient times for protection during long and treacherous voyages. 

And she is soft with the spirit, evoking Truth (your very own truth) with purity and clarity, like a crystalline body of water you get to bathe in daily. 

So happy to have her back and THANK YOU for your Patience!!! We have had many requests for this stone  over the years and we are so beyond thrilled to be able to offer it as again in our most signature POUND Piece. 

SO much love and flowing goodness, 
the POUND girls