Annual POUND Holiday Guide + Sale ☪️

We're thrilled to introduce

The Zodiac Collection

Astrology has been pivotal over the course of our lives for many years. All three of us have looked to the compass in the sky to help guide us during powerful transitions and sometimes deeply heart-breaking moments we were asked to move through. 

Our new
Zodiac Collection is an invitation to Know Thyself. (This is also the theme of our free 2023 Holiday Guide.)

We see astrology as a web-like navigational tool that opens portals for us to understand and KNOW ourselves in a more expansive and spiritual way. Tracking the events of our lives in relation to the planetary transits stimulates our intuition, creativity, and pattern recognition as we see the stories of our lives return and evolve as the planets move.

The stones also serve as tools to KNOW ourselves in the way we attune to their geologic and energetic structures and them with us. 

The stones live below us, the stars above. We are like the pendulum swinging in the center, learning to harmonize. 

To create this collection, we've listened to the ways we can combine these two powerful teachers-the Stones and the Stars- into powerful talismans. Every piece was INTUITED.  They were revealed to us, and in time, they may change and evolve.

Now, it's time for them to reveal themselves to you.

We each contain energies of all of the signs of the zodiac within us.
Notice which pieces you feel most intuitively drawn to
 they may or may not be the stones for your sun sign.
Imagine you are a Leo Sun Sign (or insert your actual Sun Sign) but you feel strongly called to the Virgo pendulum. And as it turns out, your Venus is in Virgo and you are working on opening your heart to being of service in a whole new way.

In addition to this new collection, we're also excited to announce that Becca is offering
Intuitive Astrology Sessions. These 60-minute readings utilize the lost language of symbology embedded in celestial constellations and the earth’s crystal lined floor to help clients alchemize personal obstacles, transmute pain into power, and ultimately, remember why you came into this life. Sessions might include any of the following: natal chart analysis, crystal recommendations and grids, nature rituals, Sabian Symbols, oracle cards, and intuitive downloads. 20% of her readings will be donated to Save the Children.

We have also been working on a brand new collection of One of a Kind Necklaces, also influenced by the sky and designed to capture this moment in time. And divinely orchestrated for holiday gifting to self or to others.

Mia has been expanding her own alchemical weaving skills, which resulted in a collection of handmade
Talisman Pouches using materials with great history and meaning to our family as well as crystals, beads, gems, cord -- they are intended to create a sacred space for any things that hold meaning to you. Each one is a treasure. Each is unique. Each took many hours. And she worked on them the way she articulates energy when she performs Bodywork: manipulating what needs to move so that energy can flow. All Acts of Love. 

Finally, we have lots of markdowns in our Holiday Sale Collection and are offering an additional 20% off site-wide* now through November 27th to support your holiday gifting, whether for loved ones or for yourself. You can use the code KNOWTHYSELF at checkout for the discount (it should be automatically applied).

*Exclusions: Zodiac Collection, One of a Kind Pieces, and the Sacred Fire Collection

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New Holiday Gift Guide

This year's POUND Holiday Guide doubles as an astrological guide with our unique take on each sign as well as crystal wisdom, pendulum magic, and more.

  • New pieces and collections
  • Deep dive on each zodiac sign and the crystals we've chosen to embody it
  • Tips on forming a consistent practice with your pendulum
  • Bonus Pendulum Ritual Worksheet

Click here to download the gift guide. (We are totes obsessed with it :)

Should Questions Arise!

We've got you. Whether you've got a question on shipping, selecting a piece, product details, or anything else, please hit reply on this email, and a member of our team will take loving care of you.

May you take sweet sacred pauses to expand the length of the inhale as you tap into knowing more of you, and those around you through the lens of beauty, myth and magic. May you keep weaving thread by thread the beauty of what you are building. May these pieces, totems, practices, energies and our love help in any way that supports the whole. 


All the Love in the Cosmic Multiverse,
All the Potent Powers of the Crystal Caves,

The POUND Girls
Linda, Becca and Mia