7-7-7 Portal and Danburite

I believe that the crystals carry epic wisdom and know the precise moment to start shouting. When a stone calls so powerfully to so many, there is something in the vibrational frequency of that mineral that is here to carve out a doorway in space and time that we are ready to walk through. It feels like no coincidence to me that this stone decided to be shared with you the week of 7/7/23, aka 7-7-7 portal where the Sun and Sirius (our spiritual Sun) come into alignment prior to Lion's Gate coming up in August.

The light is raining down brightly right now, which allows for the unseen to become more visible and obvious.
It is beautiful time to accept this sweet infusion of glistening light and use it to open our hearts wider to those who may benefit greatly from some much needed unconditional love. We all need that kind of pure love and connection, but it is very apparent that some could really benefit from an extra dose right now. 

Sharing one more handful of the Danburite crystals that feel like heart-healing wands we were able to acquire at this beautifully-orchestrated moment in time. 

Thanks to your messages and inquiries, the importance of these stones feels undeniable. Thanks to your profound listening to the call of the crystals you know intuitively you are ready to work with, we are able to listen to look to seek and to find the ones you had already felt were out there.
Danburite is associated with the zodiac sign of Leo. 
A crystal that helps us open the Crown to receive the light that is coming in and let it seep into the heart, creating more spaciousness for movement in the center of our being. 
This stone feels like it showed up right around the 7-7-7 portal this past week as a lantern shining light on the corridor leading us into Lion's Gate. 
Prismatic Temple Wands that remind us to let our light shine and assist us in committing to an active practice of self-love such as mirror work. 
An example of mirror work I am practicing right now is simply looking at myself in the mirror long enough to lock into a gaze that helps me realize my eyes are really windows. Then the beauty that is alive behind the windows starts to flow forward like a river and I feel a calming warm sense of love inside of me.
For me, the sensation of tapping into self-love feels like a rainbow rising from my Root. 
We paired a few of these Danburites with Morganite which is like a stabilizer for the heart and an opening for allowing more reverence of the life and love we have present in front of us. 
The others are made with Tourmaline which is the best "bringer of balance" I know of. 
To Swimming in Rainbow of Love 

the POUND girls