Tourmalated Quartz

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Stone of Balance
Tourmalated Quartz holds the properties of both Clear Quartz AND Black Tourmaline!
Known as the "Master Healer," Clear Crystal Quartz is a power stone for amplifying and transmitting the energies you need most. It is adaptable and resonates with whatever your intention and needs are at any given moment, making it a versatile stone with many different uses, including its ability to charge and amplify the energy of other stones. 
Black Tourmaline is a master "recycler." It carries its own electric charge that can transmute negative energy into positive, usable energy. Due to the power of its electric charge it can literally block EMFs and unwanted vibes. 
Together, with the amplification of the Clear Quartz magic working in tandem with the strength of Black Tourmaline, this piece offers a rare and unique balance that is amazing to work with. 
Tourmalated Pendulum on 28" long chain with POUND fist. 
This piece is adjustable.
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