Pink Scolecite Pendulum: LIMITED EDITION

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Pink Scolecite crystallizes in slender prismatic crystal filaments and these striations can be seen in the dense white tone of its structure. These particular pieces each hold their own fascinating patterning and appears as if they hold codes that can be translated in the light. They glow.

Pink Scolecite helps us tap into ancient wisdom and Akashic Records (like a filing cabinet of the universe.) It is known to be a powerful crystal to assist in communication with the world of spirit and other dimensions. 

A stone to help us soften. Self-Soothe. Nourish. Nurture. Expand self-love and self-care and mend a broken heart.

An INCREDIBLE stone to meditate with when needing serenity during tumultuous times. Working with this stone feels like a clearing of the mind, body and soul:::A recalibration. 

Materials: Limited Edition Pink Scolecite Pendulum on 28" long chain with POUND fist. 
This piece is adjustable.

NOTE: Every single piece is handmade to order. Please allow up to two weeks for your items to ship, though we try our best to get each order out within 2-3 days!! (regardless of which shipping method you choose!)