Blue Onyx Pendulum

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Stone of Self-Mastery
Onyx is a stone of strength and empowerment, resolving contradictory feelings within yourself and in your relationships with others. It's also a stone of self-mastery, strengthening your resolve to achieve the ventures you feel called to embark upon. An incredible stone for empowering our truth to be spoken as we take a stand for who we are and who we are becoming. This piece is a fantastic motivator to set healthy boundaries so we are free to feel safe in the home within our soul's deepest knowing and purpose. 
Blue Onyx HAS BEEN color enhanced for it's bright blue tones---reminders of the depth of the sea and the height of the heavens. Color enhancement does not bother us personally because we love bright objects with meaning!
Materials: Blue Onyx Pendulum on 28" long chain with POUND fist. This piece is adjustable.
NOTE: Every single piece is handmade to order. Please allow up to two weeks for your items to ship, though we try our best to get each order out within 2-3 days!! (regardless of which shipping method you choose!)