Life-Force Chakra Bracelets

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Stone of Power
Herkimer diamonds are the most powerful clear crystals in the mineral world. Each one is like a fresh battery; simply set your intention and wear the stone to amplify it and bring it to life.

Select the color of the chakra that your intention resonates with most strongly:

PURPLE: Crown Chakra, Spirituality
INDIGO: Third Eye Chakra, Awareness
BLUE/TURQUOISE: Throat Chakra, Communication
GREEN: Heart Chakra, Love & Healing
YELLOW: Solar Plexus Chakra, Wisdom & Power
ORANGE: Sacral Chakra, Sexuality & Creativity
RED: Root Chakra, Basic Trust

Combine these bracelets with a pendulum and feel renewed vitality as well as a daily, wearable reminder of what you're pursuing and calling in at this moment in your life.
Materials: Herkimer Diamond on colored cotton thread. This piece is adjustable.

NOTE: Over time, the thread on your Chakra bracelet will wear thin and will eventually fall off or break. When this occurs, the life-force love you put into your crystal goes back to the Earth or maybe on your altar as a keepsake and reminder. Please trust in the “letting go,” as these pieces are not meant to last forever, but as a reminder to enjoy their magic while they are with us.