Why do stones and crystals break?

I brought this incredibly beautiful Herkimer diamond in the pic above to Taos for a POUND photoshoot with my sister and one of our lovely models, Kona Sunrise. I had a dream that the crystal cracked. The next day, it did. I wasn't even holding it. It was on one of the tables in our hotel room and when I went to pick it up, it was already cracked in half. I was not surprised, maybe because the dream had prepared me. Maybe because we were in an area of the country that carries an incredible amount of energy which seems to open portals to worlds beyond the one we can see with our eyes.

And maybe, too...because I knew right away what to do.

I gave half of it to my sister and I kept the other half—marking our journey to Taos and creating a symbol of eternal connection between us, despite not always being in the exact same spot on the blue planet. Plus, both pieces of the crystal were still incredibly beautiful.

Kona with her POUND Pendulum. The Enchanting Warrioress in a high-vibe portal in the mountains of Taos.


Why do crystals break???

We get asked this question fairly often. Whether it is about a POUND stone or crystal cracking/breaking/chipping, or one from your personal collection, there is a sensational influx of breakage lately. One thing that comes to mind at this moment? The current cosmic cycle we find ourselves in.

~~Welcome to Mercury Retrograde!~~

When Mercury is “in retrograde,” it appears to be going backwards in the sky due to the pace of the planet. I have been noticing a substantially increased momentum around the loss and breakage of personal items during Rx. I also tend to notice that the emails come in waves—in phases. So perhaps the energy of the cosmos just MIGHT have at least some influence over this trend. During retrograde seasons, be open to any healing, helpful guidance—from any plane of existence—surrounding lost or broken items. Once you’ve done so, try sitting quietly in order to access your inner wisdom. You might just gain a helpful clue or hint as to what needs to be released currently that is symbolized in the item or stone.

Sometimes stones just break. It happens. They hit hard surfaces, they fall off, they are pulled on by kids and puppies—and due to the laws of physics and the structure of stones, they can break, chip and crack. Energetically, they can even literally explode. 

Crystals oscillate at specific energetic frequencies which can collide with energetic frequencies in the environment, causing them to crack. If they crack, they often eventually DO break!

The good news is when a crystal breaks, it continues to "work." It still carries the same healing benefits. Though we might not always like the "look" of it anymore. This is a difficult thing for someone who LOVES wearing them (like we do!). Especially a longer, pointier crystal or stone—like our POUND Pendulums. However, you just never know. I personally have worn a POUND Pendulum on and off—mostly ON—for years. I have never had one break on me. Never once. Other necklaces and POUND pieces—for SURE! I have dropped brand new crystals and stones while we are working to make a necklace and they have shattered on the ground. ARGH. But never once a POUND Pendulum. And I have no idea why!


Losing stones often happens in cycles. We lose things A LOT for a period of time, and then that period of time ends. Then it begins again at a later time. Like I said earlier, the Cosmos offers clues and helpful guidance, when we are ready to be still and listen. 

Look at what is going on in your own life:
How are things FEELING? Really. Truly. Honestly.
Contracted or Expansive? Flowing or Stagnant? Fluid or Rough? 
Who have you been hanging out with...and what is their energy like?
Sometimes when we pan way out and look at ourselves/our lives from a broader perspective, we can see what is happening beneath the appearance of things. Taking a look from a more objective perspective can open the aperture, which will not only help us understand why shit is breaking, but where we, ourselves, might need a little extra TLC.


My very best advice if you break or lose your stone? TRUST. Go with it. Don't clamp up and fight it. If lost, will most likely be found or it’s time to release it.