POUND Oracle Necklace and the Alchemy of Gold


Once upon a time my mom told me I was born with a caul over my face aka a "veil." A caul is a part of the amniotic sac that attaches itself the the face of the baby during birth. Many cultures consider this a sign of "good luck" and many say caulbearers (like me!) have super psychic abilities. I'm not sure if I am psychic exactly, but I know my intuition is powerful like my dreams. And I think everyone carries that strength in intuition. We just have to practice using it.

What I have recently learned and find MOST interesting is that some cultures say that these babies make extremely good WATER DOWSERS. And Water Dowsing has been one of the many uses of the PENDULUM for thousands of years. Not very long ago I decided we should design our very own mini pendulum which we had hand carved based off the structure of an original crystal/stone pendulum.

To me, this particular piece serves as a talismanic reminder that WE are our own best Oracles. Our inner wisdom and instincts are always the most important ones to tune in to.

I could not be more stoked to announce the "un-veling" of these intuitively designed forever POUND Pieces. They came into tangible being around my Birthday when the Sun was in Gemini. And now as we celebrate longer days, more sunshine and the Summer Solstice, these Golden beams of Infinite and Powerful Light are divinely timed. Or so it feels!

gold oracle necklace

The Oracle Necklace layered in between a POUND Life-Force Necklace and fancy Lodolite Pendulum. Modeled by our dear lovely friend Leigah! 

Golden Alchemy.
Just as the physical sun lightens and warms the universe, so, in the human body, there is in the heart a sunlike arcanum from which life and warmth stream forth.” -Carl Jung

We designed our Oracle Necklace with the Color Gold in mind. 

In Astrology, Gold represents the Sun. 
To the Alchemist, Gold represents the perfection of all matter on any level.

Some of the words that come to mind when I think of the color GOLD are warm, optimistic, light-filled, stunning, strong, dazzling, powerful, and pure.

At the uppermost level, gold is a color which is associated with wisdom and enlightenment. It inspires a deeper understanding of ourselves and of our souls.

In the meaning of colors, gold is generous and giving, compassionate and loving. It reveals itself as a reminder tounveil our wealth and knowledge to others.

Gold has forever been one of  the most sought-after and revered of all the elements. Historically, it’s one of the few material things that has been regarded with a spiritual reverence by SO MANY different cultures since its discovery. 

Colors carry connotations. 
Gold carries pretty powerful ones.

[AS DOES SILVER! Which is why we also made our Oracle Necklace in Sterling Silver, wink wink.]


The fist is made to empower us to stand for our most authentic selves.

The pendulum serves to remind us to unveil and trust in our powerful intuition.

Diamonds are the Crystals of Light. We chose to use Diamonds in their rawest purest form. It adds a mixture of glam with bad-assery. 

Mystically Made to Magnify You. You Simply Have to Trust What You Feel.

Shine on you bright and shiny diamond-bearers.