Web of Creation Choker

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 Garnet is known as the "Stone of Tangible Truth." It is one of the most powerful Root Chakra stones in the mineral universe. A stone that promotes strength, vitality, circulation and stability, Garnet is there for us when we are ready to reclaim our sovereignty. Associated with the very Root of our physical bodies, this is a stone that assists in bringing us back to the present moment of sensation and tapping into our senses to develop a more profound level of self-trust. 

This potent stone is an incredible talisman to have with us when we are birthing anew: A Web of Creation. Whether we are birthing ourselves anew, the project of our dreams, a creation, a new born baby. A stone to bring us resilience when the contractions of life come at us full force. It helps attune us to strength and empowerment. 

 Cut in the shape of a Triangle. A Pyramid. A representation of Mind, Body, Spirit. Past, Present, Future. 

Deep reverence. 

Made on 14k gold fill or sterling silver.


Length: 15-17"