The Unicorn Pendulum

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We named her the Unicorn, because she is one. Super rare and literally feels like seeing a unicorn when we locate one. 

Phosphosiderite is the Stone----named for its properties of phosphate and iron. It also has yellow veins that run inside it sometimes, which is Cacoxenite: Stone of Ascension. 

Phosphosiderite is a rare lilac-toned stone and this particular batch is from Argentina. It is hard to find and kind of chalky white on the inside (super neat! Like a UNICORN!) 

A stone that is beautifully tranquil, peaceful and elevating. Feels like the herb lavender and also holds properties of "New Earth" energy, which many of us are feeling right now during this huge cosmic shift and energetic release. Very very Piscean.

A piece that engenders cotton candy dreams and shiny horses with horns and golden hooves rain-dancing. Glitter is everywhere. Principles that call on the ancient Lemurian lands that generate camaraderie, community and coming together to serve the highest good for all vibrations. 

Paired with olive-y ancient Roman glass and a purple opal. 

Favorite chain pick from us: the new 14k gold fill paper clip chain. Multiple choices for your to pick though! 

Incredibly limited edition, we have less than 10 of these total.