The Sweetest Creature

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This Pendulum is made of Dendritic Opal. Dendritic Opals range in colors but all have symbols and patterns that resemble the natural world, such as ferns and trees and animals. Its energy Synchronizes all the Chakras. It is a BALANCER. A stone to bring Moderation and Equilibrium.

We paired it with Moldavite (powerful Transformation) and Ethiopian sparkling Opal on top. 

Double Opal, Double Magic. 

Call us crazy but the lines and colorings inside this piece make what looks like an incredibly sweet owl-creature-looking-being living within the stone. It has this joyful, playful, light light bright energy to it and makes us feel warm, cozy and fuzzy. :) 

Designed on gold/brass

Length: 28" (adjustable)