The Ancient Ones

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Maligano Jasper has us shed shed shed until the inevitable re-birth. We will go through many such cycles, as we are cyclical beings. These earrings have swirling patterns of nature with an ancient tone as if they come straight from the desert Temples of Egypt. 

Cut and faceted into a Hexagon-6 pointed Star where energy can build in the center and radiate outward. Made for the ears so that we may listen with all of our hearts open to people with opposing perspectives. We must listen if we wish to be heard.

Paired with Lapis--a Mineral that asks us to Rise Up to the regal all-loving wisdom and truth of its own inherent energies. And Kyanite-one of the MOST powerful tools for clearing out old energy. 

On 14k gold fill earring wires.

Majesty of Ancient Wisdom.