Golden Glow Fairy Dangle Treasure

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The tiniest Citrine Sun Light Fairy with little holographic rainbows inside, this Citrine is like a mirror of self-knowing, an entryway to the Sunlight in the solar system that lives within our own bodies. 

A piece of the sun for your heart to re-define and expand the glow. 

Paired with mini burnt orange toned Madeira Citrine on top of the stone, gentle Citrine on the bottom and 14k gold fill chain dangles like a glittering tail of light trailing after a shooting star. This piece is triple Citrine like a grand fire trine for the soul. 

14k gold fill chain, sweet, playful, light, airy, pure joy 

I can not say in words how good this one feels on the neck!!! 

Length: 16-18"