Solstice Pyrite Pendulum

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Stone of Abundance
This stone is a warrior of the LIGHT.
It carries the energy of fire, like the sun, igniting the parts of ourselves that have been processing and transforming---the parts that are now ready to come back to life in a new form. Pyrite helps to stimulate creativity and pushes us to reach and touch the warm golden rays emanating from our power source-WORTH. A stone of abundance and manifestation, Pyrite believes you can weave your story and your pain into gold. A SOLSTICE STONE. 
Paired with Aquamarine, the stone of the Sea--carrying the energies of this Cancer Season to help us pour forth the truth of our emotions and let them be emitted. More truth from the essence of you is always better for the world. 
Materials: Pyrite Pendulum paired with Aquamarine sea tablet on top. Your choice of metal.
Length: 28" 
This piece is adjustable and limited edition