Solar Disc Pendulums

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Made under the umbrella of this most recent Eclipse Season, where the North Node fell in Taurus (money, resources, beauty, possessions, love) and the South Node fell in Scorpio (death, transformation, re-birth, depth), we created a new Pendulum to tap into the essence of both Light and Dark. 

Made with a 22k gold plated Solar Disc that hangs above the stone as a reminder that the Sun is always heating up our inner fires, even when we can not feel, see or name them.

Stone Options are both made with the 22k gold plated Solar Disc and on gold/brass chain.

LENGTH: 28" (Adjustable from 14-28")

Black Tourmaline: powerful regenerator and recycler, turning negative energy into positive, usable energy.

Scolecite: pure white cleansing light to help us rid the spirit of unnecessary debris and energies that we will not be taking with us.