Serpentine Topaz Tear Drop

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Topaz comes in many hues. This one is an epic and electric baby blue. We gathered a  handful of these tear drop stones that hold immense light and are connected to the energy of the "boundless sky."

Known as the crystal of POTENCY, Topaz holds innumerable healings and meanings.

Today we focus on the connection this stone holds between the third eye and the throat. How can we use the wisdom we have gained from tapping into our powerful imaginations to help serve others. We have to use our voice to get it out there: whether that be via written words, video, public speaking, engaging one-on-one with someone----and of course the many other ways we are able to emanate our message with the world around us. 

A piece that reminds us how important it is to shed the notion that we do not know enough, are not good enough, are not practiced enough to share our magic with the world. Get out of your own way and start actively shedding your nuggets of knowing with the ones who are ready to receive them. 

22k gold plated serpent (also available in Silver, Email us with inquires re: silver!)

Blue Topaz Tear Drop

Diopside Crystal


Length: 16-18"