Rose Gold Pearl of Wisdom//Venus

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A shining silver fresh water pearl. Both of my grandmother's wore pearls. I used to really dislike them, thinking them "dated." But oh how I've changed my mind. 

Pearls are symbols of wisdom through experience. They are sturdy, immoveable forces created over months or years due to an irritant. That which irritates takes patience and love to transform it into a gift.

This one is reminiscent of the Goddess Venus: Goddess of love, beauty, fertility and prosperity. Born from the forthy foam of the sea. Associated with the astrological sign Taurus. 

Ancient legends include: 

Pearls are formed inside the dragon's head--ancient Chinese legend

Pearls form after a storm when rainbows descend from sky to touch the Earth--ancient Persian legend

Pearls are the tears of mythical creatures such as sea nymphs and mermaids--ancient Japanese legend

Materials: Grey/Silver Pearl, white Opal, rose gold POUND hand and chain

Length: 17-19"


A piece from our New Ancient Collection: an amalgamation of talismanic jewels inspired by art, written codes, gilded mirrors, incredible treasures, and tid-bits that have been excavated from the cracks and depths within a very old house---one full of magic, mystery and ancestry.