Rhodonite and Abalone Power

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Rhodonite is a stone of the Heart Chakra and a sister stone to Rhodochrosite. The power of this stone lives inside it's depth. It has deep roots that give us a secure and stable grounded footing so that we may rise from the Heart. This is a super strong ally when dealing with unexpected trauma or unexplained BIG loss in one's life. It can help us find our footing so that we may begin the healing process before trauma or pain gets too buried and stuck.

This is also a really wonderful stone when we need a "wake up" call to get back into alignment with our true desires vs. operating on auto-pilot or too much people-pleasing. 

Made with Abalone Eye--used as a good-luck talisman, evil-eye protector, and a magician for bringing more harmonious communication in relationship. 

Metals: Gold/Brass or Silver

Length: 28" (adjustable)